Slightly More Motivated

Well after yesterdays post I decided to stop whinging and get on with what I had to do.  The end result was I put the last two borders on the Boxy Stars Quilt, seamed several baby sized woolen blankets together for the batting and sorted out the backing fabric.  It’s now all sitting on the gammill ready to be quilted – doing the happy dance.

I worked out – I think what borders I want to do on the birthday quilt and semi sorted out the backing fabric.  The fabric used will depend on the finished size of the quilt.  While shuffling around fabrics – much to the cat’s amusement – I discovered enough fabric to use as the backing for another ufo so the top and backing are now put together waiting for it’s turn on the gammill.

The best news is I sat outside and enjoyed the wonderful weather and finished off the binding on the Home Circle Quilt. It is now residing on our bed and boy it is warm.  I was a bit worried it might feel really heavy weight wise – but it isn’t.  Even Ashley commented how warm he was last night – brilliant considering there was another very white frost this morning.

As for the Block A Day……thank you, thank you, thank you…..for all your wonderful advice and comments.  I have decided – guilt free I might add – to do today’s block which is the end of May and stop for a while. I may or may not go back to them but only when and if I have time and the motivation.  Doing over 150 blocks I think is a really good achievement for the year so far and there are lots more projects I want to work on without the added pressure of these.   I will begin to put them into quilts, when I feel like it, and if necessary make more blocks when and if I need them for the quilts.  I honestly can’t thank you enough for your kindness and understanding over this.  I hate feeling guilty (nearly typed quilty then) over something I have committed to do – particularly when I have publicly announced that I want to do them – but the pressure was just too much. You would think after all these years I would know what I can and can’t do…..sigh.  Thank you Candace for saying I was “basically a positive person”.  I really didn’t feel positive yesterday and nearly didn’t publish the post – cause I felt it was to dismal.  Now I’m glad I did – your comments certainly cheered me up.

Anyway I feel as light as a feather today.  There is a big crock pot full of pumpkin soup slowly cooking ready for easy lunch tomorrow.  The washing is started.  It promises to be another lovely day.  The kids are about to be taken to school and apart from the possibility of working with Ashley this morning, and a trip down the street at some time I really don’t have a lot planned.  Maybe a cuppa or two while sitting in the sun reading.  Ohh and the weekend is devoted to the entire family staying home and relaxing.  I have banned all outings, youth group, croquet the lot. We are all tired and need a break – no working for anyone else – just doing what needs to be done around here and lots of sitting around chatting.

I hope everyones day is as good as mine promises to be.

One thought on “Slightly More Motivated

  1. Sounds like you are a self starter, and you got yourself started again. I doubt that you ever were really not being productive, you were just overwhelmed. Your pumpkin soup sounds yummy, I don’t think that I have ever had any. Hope you and your family have a great weekend and enjoy each other.

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