I was going to write…..

…..about how overwhelmed I have been feeling lately.  Too many projects on the go.  Way to much laundry, the ironing mounting up, a kitchen that is run like a resturant of late as meals seem to be eaten on the run, Ashley working long hours and Elise snowed under with homework.  Not to mention a hormonal near teenager and an eight year old boy who thinks he can get away with everything if he smiles nicely at Mum.  And dare I mention the Block of the day which I love but which are also biting into the little sewing time I have at the moment.

My Block a Day for today is done – tomorrows is a nightmare but I will worry about that tomorrow.  I’m feeling a bit guilty in that while I am enjoying the BAD’s I am getting a bit sick of being tied down to them each day.  I admit I’m reluctant to just pick out the blocks I like as I think I would just pick the easier ones and while trying all of them I am learning heaps.  On the other hand to abandon the project now seems to be the easy way out.  Decisions, decisions.  I am consoling myself with the fact I have managed to do five months worth of blocks which averages out at approx 150 blocks – lots of quilts when you add them all together so if I did abandon/postpone the effort for a while I will have done well.  I’m the sort of person though who when I make a commitment I feel really guilty if I don’t carry through with the whole commitment as I said I would.  Opinions please!

Then there is the two quilts that are works in progress.  One is Bonnie’s Boxy Stars.  It’s all done apart from two borders then it can be quilted.  Half an hours work at most to finish it and instead where is it……languishing on my sewing table half buried by a mountain of things that should be put away.

I have also been working on a quilt for a friends birthday.  The main part is done just a plainer border to add then a fancier border which will probably just be square of fabrics joined together.  It has come out really well – predominately 1930’s fabric and I’m hoping she will love it – I know I do….lol.  Again a few hours work and it’s done and there is a deadline date for this one so I must finish it.

The Home Circle quilt has nearly all the binding hand sewn down – I want to finish that tonight if I can as now the frosts are coming it’s cold in bed!!!

No more complaining however.  I have grounded myself once again and I feel fantastic.  The sun is shining.  The was a frost first thing but now it’s quite warm.  All the washing is done and will, apart from Jeans, be dry by the time I bring it in.  The ironing was done last night.  The meals situation still hasn’t resolved itself but thank heavens for the crockpot…vbg.  I have been out and weeded the few remaining weeds in the enclosed garden which my bedroom window looks onto.  I have swept the concrete under the newly roofed pergola and dreamed about the outdoor setting I would like to put out there – something along the lines of really comfy chairs and a couch for afternoon snoozes. I listened to the birds sing and watched my dogs sleep in the sun.  Even my morning cuppa was spent on the swing seat enjoying the sunshine. Now I’m off to the sewing room to try and finish or at least find the parts to a work in progress and make some progress on it.

Tomorrow is another day.


4 thoughts on “I was going to write…..

  1. I would only continue with the block a day if it is enjoyable. Once something becomes a chore I lose the motivation. I think I would just pick the blocks that I wanted to do. I would have given up long ago – lol ! My house sounds like yours at the moment – my DH is between jobs, my 17yo is on exam leave and thinks she has the run of the house and my 11 yo is on school holidays and is getting grumpy too. I would love a week by myself – well just with the cats – to do what I like. 🙂

  2. You could put them off and postphone a year or you could do as Andrea says and pick out your favorites. It’s safe to say you’ll probably never do this again so why not just take a break from it or just use the calendar until the end of the year and look at the blocks each day but only do the ones that really call to you. Make a little tick mark on the ones you’ve done so if you do go back you won’t repeat yourself.

    I’m not sure the makers of the calendar were expecting people to sew every block. As you’ve said you’ve probably got several quilts worth of blocks to put together as is. I can see why you’re feeling guilty because it was a commitment you made to yourself but I think you’ve accomplished great things with this and as Andrea said if its not fun why do it?

    I’m behind on my nested round robin by a couple of months but I have other things on the go so I’m not going to stress over it, I’ll pick it up when I have the time or I get inspired enough to continue on regardless of time commitments. You can pick up the blocks when you get more time (as if).

  3. I had been tempted to do this for a long time. My calendar looks the same as yours but we have different blocks on the same dates. I am quite motivated after seeing yours but I have decided a couple of things.
    I will only do 12.5″ to start with and I will use at least one piece of the same fabric in each black and try and keep my backgrounds the same.
    I have two lots of blocks from swaps where we supplied a fat 1/8th which each person used in our block and I
    kept a good bit of the material to use for sashing.
    Since I have found out how simple the side/bottom sashing, I did for some hearts recently, is, I am motivated to try that one these.

    My last comment is the guilt is one of the most wasted emotions. I do not mean real guilt as in our response to our wrong doing etc, but false guilt where we may set ourselves ideals which tend to become unrealistic, legalistic and non enjoyable. I suspect if you kept doing each and every block you would be overcome by this false guilt but if you tackle a specific size for a while, or ones you particularly like, then the task will be a joyous one again
    Just me umble opinion…of course……vbg.

  4. Your life sounds so busy. It is easy to give advice, but not always what we would do ourselves, you just need to do what you can be happy with. I probably wouldn’t be able to skip around on the blocks, but I would be able to take a couple of years to do it (maybe even 3). I might skip a few days and then work on it all day. I’m pretty good about giving myself a break. You have to do the have-to’s in life, but you can fudge on the ‘want-to’s’ and ‘need to sometimes’. I’m glad you turned it around, it seems you are basically a positive person.

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