Freaky Friday’s DressUp’s

Ekk it’s Wednesday all ready and I have been going to post these photos since Monday.  Forgive the tardiness and the fact there will be three posts today to catch you up on what we have been doing.

Friday was the Freaky Dress Up night for youth group.

Talk about a production.  It took Belinda and Elise two hours to just do their hair.  First it had to be straightened then teased and green hair spray applied liberally.  Don’t ask me why you would strighten then tease it – kind of defeated the purpose to my way of thinking.

Then the make up had to be applied.  Goodness knows how long that took.  The bathroom looked like a bomb had hit it.  I was at swimming with Nicola and James by that stage so I missed most of the excitement…..thank goodnes…..vbg.

Finally they were ready. I walked in the house after swimming, my mind totally on other things, only to have Belinda pop out from around the corner in full make up and dress and say “BOO!!!”  I nearly had heart failure.

Needless to say the girls were the best dressed at Youth Group and won the prize.  Many of the other kids didn’t even dress up and they were all saying afterwards next time they would make more effort.  So they should if they hope to win….wicked grin.

Ajax just had to be part of the excitement – Hair dessing was a new experience for him – or maybe it was the fact that Belinda kept patting him while she was straightening Elise’s hair.  I ekpt wondering when they were going to straighten his fur.


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