A Pitched Battle

There is a battle going on in my house. We are fighting finger nail and claw for rights to the use of my sewing room chair. Confused??? Try living here!

Jess has the insane idea that my sewing room chair – which is super comfy I might add – is only there for his use. While he will let me sit on it to sew I may only sit on the front section as there is no way he will move so I can rest my back again the “back rest”.

Having kicked him off the chair once again, ironed his cushion (can you tell I’m a big pushover?) in the hope he might lie on a nice warm cushion I started sewing the binding on the Home Circle Quilt.

I should have known. Two minutes later Jess decided it was his quilt and he was going to be comfortable.

He seems to feel that I only make quilts for him and that they aren’t really mine.

When I went to move him so I could turn the quilt – he bit me!!! I blame Elise. She spoils him rotten. If he is lying on her and she moves – he will put out a paw and hit her (no claws) to remind her she is boss. If she really moves he will bite – gently – but she gets the message and goes back to the original postion. Now I ask you is that a spoilt cat or what???

As a result he feels he can get away with just about anything – although he doesn’t like the consequences of being caught on the kitchen benches.

Finally he moved – only to sit as close as he could ignoring me. Can you see the outrage in that back bone – fancy having to sit on a cold hard table. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

No more than 5 minutes after I had vacated the chair and left the sewing room he was back!!!

The battle continues.


The above spoilt cat has just sat idly watching four humans (Elise, Nicola, James and I) and a dog (Ajax) madly race around first Nicola’s bedroom, then Elise’s, chasing a mouse which The Black Furry One decided he really needed to bring inside. I’m not sure who was more terrified – the mouse or us. Ajax had a ball, the girls did heaps of screaming. James offered to squish the mouse with a croquet mallet (I dread to think who he would have hit instead of the mouse) and I supervised from the door way……hehehehe. Finally the mouse was found (after the entire contents that hide under Elise’s bed were revealed) dead on the floor under the dressing table. I think the poor thing died of a heart attack in the end. Needless to say Jess is not in the good books and he need not think he is sitting on my knee as I type this…..I’m not that big a pushover.


The children are now watching the movie “Ratatouille” – you know the Disney one about the rat that cooks.  Ewwwww – a little too soon after chasing that mouse for me.


5 thoughts on “A Pitched Battle

  1. Madam Moggie decided a couple of weeks back that my large fabric covered ($850) some years ago, computer chair was really hers.
    I got to perch on the front portion.
    If I got there first she would do a great leap up the chair to the top and then slide down the back to be a portable purring hot water bottle at the base of my spine.

    When we had mice a few years ago she would bring them into the bedroom and put them in the ensuite shower. It was like a rink where she could watch mousie go around. I would shut the shower doors….grab the toilet brush, place on top of mouse, grab tail and very quickly put in toilet very close by and flush.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. There were three one night!!

  2. One year one of the cats brought in a chipmunk and we had a great time chasing it. All of a sudden we couldn’t find it so figured it had given us the slip and made it back out the open front door somehow.

    Years later when I was shampooing the living room carpet I moved one of the speakers and discovered the chipmunk squashed flat like a pressed flower. I guess it had run under the speaker when my husband was moving the speaker to look behind for the chipmunk and…the rest is history and so was the chipmunk.

    Our cat thought he was #2 in the pecking order in our house (my husband being #1) until one day when I almost strangled him for urinating on my computer chair. I was furious (much screaming at the cat rubbing his nose in it, swat on the behind). I’m now boss and he knows his place so if he’s sitting in a spot I want he gets pushed aside. Mind you he tries his darndest to crawl into my lap for a pet whenever he can and he too loves to crawl on a quilt when I’m trying to work on it.

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