It’s Lunchtime

Well ok so it’s now 2 pm but this little number would be brilliant for school lunches or anyones lunch I guess.

Cruising the blogs as I do, I found this tutorial a week or so ago with very easy instructions on how to make a resuable sandwhich wrapper.

So of course I had to have a go.

I used a $2 plastic table cloth for the lining working on the theory it would be easy to wipe down. It was so easy to sew through – just use a slightly larger needle than normal and sew as usual.

Your sandwich sits in the middle, the fabric wraps over it and the velcro holds it shut. Not having a sandwich on hand to demonstrate it’s superior wrapping ability – I used a bundle of fabrics (fat quarters to be exact). It was perfect for them and I thought a rather neat way to combine two gifts in one. Fabric to play with and a wrapper for yummy things for when the munchies hit. Nicola and James love it and have picked out fabric and want to make their own. Elise gave me the “You have to be kidding look” which I interpreted to mean “Don’t bother making me one cause I won’t use it”. Ahh well at least I have some who are eager.

Skip to my Lou had a fantastic tutorial on making resuable lunch sacks too. I tried the pattern out of the plastic table cloth I had used for the lunch wrapper and it was so easy. Brilliant I feel for popping in your drink bottle so it doesn’t leak all over your bag, or just a nifty way to package up a gift let alone your sandwich. Might I add I have no photo of said lunch sack as my Mum saw it and snaffled it and I haven’t seen it since. You will just have to take my word on how good it was/is.


2 thoughts on “It’s Lunchtime

  1. Your sandwich holders look like they would make you the conversation piece of the table. They are very pretty. Also, congratulations on having so many people interested in your postcard tutorial.

  2. What a clever idea to line it with plastic and the plastic would probably keep the sandwich fresher.

    LOL, I’d wondered if any of the kids would have that “you’ve got to be kidding” moment. I could see her friends razzing her about it. I like the notion of using it to wrap fat quarters in for a gift.

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