What a Week

I know a week has gone by but to be honest I’m not exactly sure what I have acheived.

Early this week I did start cutting out another “Home Circle” Quilt in these fabrics for T and S’s wedding quilt.

Their wedding isn’t until next year but I want to be organsied….vbg. Knowing me it will be a last minute dash.

The Post Office had a parcel for me on Tuesday.  It was from Karen aka  Bunks Blog who was having a give away and I won – yipee.  A beautiful towel with crochet on the top so I can hang it on my stove and no one will pinch it on me….vbg….as my towels do tend to go “walk about”.

Isn’t it stunning – far to nice to use but I will and with pleasure.  Thank you Karen.  It goes beautifully with my kitchen and co ordinates with the “chook” wall hanging I have in there as well.

Wednesday Nicola and James had the day off due to Report Writing Day so I bribed them with an hour on the XBox if they helped me garden. The bribe paid off and they pitched in quite readily so now this area which isn’t all the big I might add is all cleaned up.

Well sort of cleaned up.  It still needs mulching and some weeds needs to be sprayed with poison as they are grassy type things that are impossible to dig out, but on the whole we did make progess and the weather was just nice for a spot of gardening.

Finally I have been working on the Block a Day Blocks. As always they are in my flickr album.

This is May 21 – “Rasberry Compote”.  Goodness knows how or for that matter who came up with some of these block names.  I wonder was someone tucking into a big bowl of rasberries and cream and came up with this design at the same time?  Or was there a challenge to make blocks that resembled food in a vague sort of sense?   Perhaps one of the children split the rasberries all over the table and they fell into this design.  Who knows – but I admit to quite liking this block when it was done.  Not that I would make a quilt out of it – but then again stranger things have been known to happen around here.

One thought on “What a Week

  1. More fabric, lol, you’ve inspired me. I just placed an order with “thousands of bolts” for the first time for six metres – if I can be allowed to tease – it’s all your fault vbg.

    I have no clue what I’m going to do with it but I got jealous looking at all of your goodies and the compusion couldn’t be denied.

    Thanks for posting the gardening pictures. I have a couple of metal t-bars the same as you down in the garden. I was going to dig out a trench (idea from a book) and fill it with manure and good soil and then plant my climbing plants there but despite have a couple of wires going across the two bars I couldn’t figure out how to work a grid until I saw your photo.

    Duh, just run several wires across in each hole. You know sometimes things are so obvious I just don’t clue in. So you’ve done me a favour there. Now I just need time to do it.

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