The Weekend

Well I would like to say we had a very productive weekend with glorious sunshine and the house smelt of home made biscuits and cakes but it would all be a lie. I could also say that we went to Mildura for the weekend so that Ashley could race his buggy and I may have been able to do a whisker of shopping but that would also be a lie.

No – it was one of those weekends where not a lot went right but when it did it was fantastic.

Friday – Ashley’s parts for his race car did not arrive as promised so guess who was fairly annoyed about the whole process particularly as he had rearranged work so he could take most of Friday off to get the race car sorted out. Instead he went grumpily off to work and came home late as he was determined to get a few (non urgent) jobs finished. I on the other hand couldn’t settle at anything as I was geared up to pack and then had to find other things to do like housework and washing ….yuck.

Friday night there was a knock on the door which I answered to find “Ninja’s” from Elise and Belinda’s youth group ready to abduct them and cart them off to youth group. The church hall had been double booked so the leaders decided they would abduct all of the kids, have just a short youth group/talk about Christian ideals and then return them home. Mind you by the time they got to our house it was 9.15 pm and Ashley and I thought they weren’t coming (we had been prewarned the night before by one of the leaders). Elise and Belinda (who as it happened was staying over) thought it was fantastic until they were dragged off down the drive – no jumpers on and no shoes – then they began to think it wasn’t lots of fun. Hehehehe I should have let them have showers and be in their pj’s when the Ninja’s arrived – it would have been worth the look on their faces. In the end the girls didn’t get home until 11 pm and were extremely tired but still buzzing from the excitement.

Saturday it was cold and showery and Ashley worked on the bus and his race car. Since some parts hadn’t arrived he thought he would make one or two changes to it. Goodness knows why. I took Elise, Belinda and James down to the op shop to find Belinda an outfit for the freaky dress up niight next week at youth group. It took the girls two hours to work out what they were doing with their hair and makeup – all accompanied by lots of giggles and James telling me they looked weird. More photos to come next week when they are fully “decked out” in their gear. I might add there is a competiton at Youth Group for the freakiest costume and both Belinda and Elise are determined to win.

Finding an outfit for Belinda took a whole five minutes as we didn’t let her argue about it…..wicked grin. Ashley just looked at the two girls dressed up, smiled and escaped to the shed. I think it was all a bit beyond him.

Saturday night was good. We were invited out to friends for tea. Lovely home cooked casseroles and cheesecake for sweets. Ashley went to school with both T and S so they all have plenty in common and T and I get on so well. All the children (there was eight in all) had a wonderful time playing computer games, racing around like idiots and just chatting. It was so good we have all decided to get together a bit more often. Neither families are into going out to restaurants – apart from the cost it’s just too hard with all the kids especially when the youngest in our two families is only 17 months old.

Sunday was another cold day and despite my best efforts to hide in the sewing room it just didn’t happen. We had a lovely long sleep in, I pottered vacumming the half ton of dirt on the floors tracked in by the kids, hubby and dogs (I would never do such a thing….vbg) washed and just generally pottered.

It was bliss to fall into bed Sunday night with a good book and just read for a while.


One thought on “The Weekend

  1. To bad about the race but it sounds like the weekend went all right despite the cancellation. We’re having a long weekend here (Victoria’s Day) but cold and rainy so not much accomplished in the garden and too lazy to get stuff done in the craft area although I did do muffins and cookies for treats.

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