There’s Nothing Like A New Dress To Make a Girls Heart Sing

Well at least i hoped that would be what Elise’s reaction would be to the stunning little number I picked up at the op shop this afternoon.

Truly – only a mother could love their child wearing this gorgeous creation……wicked grin.

She was so excited – can you tell?

It came with a cape and all.

Doing the Grecian Pose thingie

“Mum – I stepped on it.

Milly was not overly interested in the whole affair – until the wind caught the overskirt and she thought it kind of fun to try and grab it. No problems though – no a tear in the sunray pleated chiffon.

It didn’t quite fit….

but hey – stick a Tiara on a girls head and anyone can look good.

I should add here that I haven’t altered any of these photos and the colour is a true green – sort of a Kermit the Frog shade….vbg. Elise has a dress up night for Youth Group next week where they have to wear something weird and funky. We think that this fits the description pretty well. Now just to work out some really heavy eye make up in what else but green and she is all set.

Tomorrow we are taking her friend Belinda shopping to find her an outfit. Belinda is scared – very scared…..wicked grin.

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