Pincushions and Signs

As promised back to normal blogging – but firstly a huge thank you to those who commented on yesterdays post. Could you tell I was majorly annoyed? Today is by far a better day and I shall move on. The person concerned and I have had one chat – but I can see more will be required before the issues are fully resolved. Still the sun is shining – I have fondled fabric (but not bought any – yet…vbg) and I’m happy in what I do and my darling hubby is happy with what I do and spend and that’s all that matters in the end. So thank you all for taking the time to comment and cheer me up. I do appreciate it.

Now on to all things sewing related….wicked grin.

Last weekend Elise and Belinda finished off their pincushions. It must have been hard work because there was absolute silence in the sewing room.

I walked in expecting to find the pincushions abandoned and the girls absent – but found them concentrating on their work to the exclusion of all else.

Both loved their pincushions. Elise opted for the slightly off centre buttons and came up with the clever idea of using two buttons (on on top of the other) as added decoration. Of course her pins had to be colour coded.

Belinda went for the basic center button and the simple look. Very effective.

I have started the Block A Day blocks again.

May 12 – the plain fabric is more blue than the grey it appears in this photo.

May 13 – I shouldn’t have used such busy fabrics. Despite the look it is a very simple block to make.

I just have to show you my Mothers Day present from myself. Yes I know sad isn’t it when I have to buy my own – but I just couldn’t resist this sign which is now hanging in my kitchen.

I think it sums up pretty well what my life is like….vbg.


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