Home Circle Quilt

Good grief two posts in one day.  Whatever has come over me…..vbg.

The Home Circle quilt is quilted – at last.  It seemed to take forever when I started it, but the last few rows went very quickly.  Who knows why that happens.

I used mens shirts from the op shop as much as possible.  The brown coloured block (bottom left) was a fat quarter and there are another couple in there that are also from fat quarters.  The light fabrics are all shirting however.

A close up of some really bad feather quilting.  I hadn’t tried feathers before and found them interesting to say the least.  I think next time I should really practice them in a straight line before I get carried away and try them in circles.  It was fun though doing all those swoopy lines….roflmol.

This is very much a “utility quilt” designed to be serviceable and not for best which is why I experimented with the quilting.  There are two rows of feathers in these blocks, then a row of “naive type” flowers then I just stuck to stipple stitch.  Probably not the way the quilt police would like me to do it but I don’t care.  I hate the idea of spending hours practice quilting.  I would rather practice on a utility quilt and at least get another ufo finished.     Now to do the binding which will probably take me more time than it did to sew the blocks together.


4 thoughts on “Home Circle Quilt

  1. I really like this quilt, I think its neat that you made it out of men’s shirts and I really like the feather quilting. I like the fact that the feathers are “not” perfect because it gives the quilt a homey country feel that would be lost if they were perfect.

    I mean think about it, which type of quilting really suits a “utility quilt” better? Save the perfect stitches for the quilt that’s going to be entered into exhibition.

    There is something about uniform perfect stitches that turn me off anyway. I mean the charm of homemade is the fact that the stitches aren’t even or spaced perfectly otherwise we’d all just go buy something factory made, right?

  2. I really like your quilt. It reminds me of the ones I have that my great-grandmother made with the good parts of old clothes and the scraps from making clothes. I cherish them. They are the ones that are snuggled in first when it’s chilly outside. You are going to enjoy using it.
    Barb Mcf

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