This and That

So today I had big plans of posting heaps of photos and updating on what’s been happening now my house is clean – but nothings working right.  I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes op and it’s only 10 am.  Results of an early start yesterday, a late night finishing my book, wandering around the field days and looking after Elise who is home sick again today….sigh.

So instead of fabulous happenings that are occuring here I will point you to some stunning eye candy and interesting blogs.

A new blog I have discovered Cupcake Bakeshop is the bees knees on cup cakes.  Honestly my mouth was watering the the photos of the cup cakes made and the recipes are clear and easy to understand.  Good thing I was just looking because I don’t think eating just one cake would have been enough…vbg.  I really must have a go at some of the recipes when I get back into baking.

Tracey at Oz Country Quilting Mum has been counting her chooks……. all  Ninety Seven of them.  Good grief and to think I felt a bit over run when I had just twelve…lol.  Check out her photos of some of them – they are stunning and I really do think I should start trying some new breeds.  It’s the expressions on their faces I love and their feathers – yes I know it’s obvious that chooks have feathers but if you ever thought they just have plain simple straight feathers – then think again.  Have a look at Tracey’s.  They are so cute.

Chookyblue is participating in a Cyber Stitch along – check out the stunning fabric and goodies she gets to use.  The Cyber stitch along is being hosted by Mrs Martins Quilt Shop and looks like being heaps of fun.  I’m seriously tempted I must admit – although I think I may be in serious trouble with Ashley if I spend any more on fabric.  Maybe I could sneak it in and tell him it was already in my stash…..roflmol.    Who amd I kidding – I bet he knows every piece of  fabric I have just cause I have already shown him….vbg.

Right I’m off to have a cuppa and a very boring biscuit then onto cleaning my sewing room.  It’s a real disaster and I think a clean up is needed if I’m to achieve anything.  Have a lovely day.


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