There is much excitement in my house – well ok so only I’m excited cause I’m the only one who can see the difference – but my house is CLEAN!!!  Well sort of – if you don’t look in the bathrooms, the laundry and the sewing room…..and the rumpus room.  However the main areas – lounge, kitchen, dining room and entry are all clean.  There was so much dust – half of someones top paddock was residing on my cupboards and hiding my pictures – courtesy of the dust storm a while ago.  Yes i know I’m slack and I should have cleaned – but my excuse was my op and I’m sticking to it….vbg.

Anyway the house is semi tidy – a little more done tomorrow and I should be really starting to see results.  There is now a pile of ironing waiting for me – all those lovely lace doileys and table toppers – but that job might wait a while….well until the ironing basket is over flowing again.

On the sewing front I managed to finish all the “Home Circle” blocks for the quilt I was making on the weekend and have the top sewn together and loaded onto the gammill.  As at 5 pm this afternoon at least three quarters of the quilt is quilted – a minor miracle when you consider I love making the tops and the quilting bit (although enjoyable) still fills me with the collywobbles at the thought of using the gammill even after all this time.  Photos as soon as it’s done.

James and Nicola sewed on the weekend as well. James made a pincushion and Nicola a needle holder  using the same pattern from Cinderberries that I had used. The pattern is so easy and Nicola had a ball making it. I have taken photos just not loaded them onto the computer yet, slack mother that I am.

To reward myself for all my hard work cleaning I checked out one of the op shops in town today and scored a lovely grey wool cardigan.  Super warm and comfy and looking brand new for a princely $4.00.  Hunting a little more I found a lovely 70% wool coat that is thigh length in navy blue that fits perfectly and will be just the thing for the cold winters that is coming.  I have been hunting for a jacket that I like the past couple of years – who would have known that I would find one for $5.00.  Both items are washed and hanging in front of the fire to dry so I can wear them to the local Field Days tomorrow.

Ashley has an early start as he is on the Field Days committee and is also the Electrician and as such has to make sure there is plenty of power for those who need it.  I’m going to meet him for lunch and have a wander tomorrow just to see if there is anything interesting.  it’s always a pleasant day out – just the two of us and a huge crowd of others…vbg – and we always find something to look at not to mention the fact that hubby buys me lunch……yipeee.

Right I’m off to read my book – another Anne McCaffrey, or should I say her son Todd’s “Dragons of Pern” books.  I love them and was sure I had read all that the local library had in stock – but then I found this one.  So far it has me hooked – if I’m lucky there might still be half a block of chocolate hiding somewhere that I can enjoy as I read…


3 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. I love Anne McCaffrey and have read all of her books and have most of them. I probably just finished reading the same book a couple of months ago when we were on our cruise.

    I think Australia must have better op shops than we do in my area because all the blogs I read are full of really neat finds and most of the stuff in ours doesn’t appeal at all to me. As far as some of the stuff being like new, it probably was. I’ve had a few things that I’ve bought for my kids and they wouldn’t wear them so they went to Goodwill brand new.

  2. Field days bring back memories of growing up on a market garden. Somehow they link in my mind with CWA and the annual show. I found my prize tickets that Mum had kept for me all these years. Something special about country life.

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