Ekkk It’s Saturday….

….and I have been meaning to post for a week but life got in the way – again!

I have finally been allowed to drive so this week has seen me down the street every day restocking the cupboards somewhat, returning and borrowing new library books, taking kids to school, youth group and swimming and just general running around.  Next time I complain I’m sick of being at home feel free to throw something at me.  All I have wanted is a whole day at home and it hasn’t happened – yet!!!  Today might be the day.

Last weekend was a long weekend commemorating Anzac Day. Ashley was organised enough that all his jobs were done so we could do some fencing.  Milly and Ajax keep finding ways out of the yard to chase the rabbits which seem to like our lawn above all others.  Much of our time is spent shaking the tin of Goodos (dog biscuits) and calling them – finally when the scent of Mr Bunny has gone cold they return.  Yes I know terribly obedient……not.

So we spent three days putting up this lovely colour bond fence – to keep the dogs in and to give us some more privacy.  The neighbours wood shed looked directly into the lounge room windows and when they went to get wood the dogs decided our yard needed defending and barked themselves hoarse…..much to everyones disgust.

The chicken wire that was on the now colourbond fence has been moved to this front fence in an effort to contain Milly.

Ashley was so proud of himself as it was finally all done – when Milly spotted the gate – which we thought was securely covered in wire and jumped though.  Needless to say the Master Of All Things Fencing was not impressed and Milly got the distinct impression she was in trouble.  Problem solved.  Gate is now secure to the point that you can’t go through it.

A pile of rubbish was burnt – at night – cause that’s when the flames look best and it was the only time it was dead calm with not even a breath of wind.  The pile isn’t as big as it looks – just tinder dry and up it went.

My Duet Rose is blooming madly despite being incredibly neglected. In fact all the roses are covered in flowers – a last hurrah before Winter I guess.

The Cyclamens are just coming into bud.  I bought a punnet of five plants for about $3.50.  Only three have survived but they look fantastic.  I love cyclamen flowers – stunning colours, dainty flowers and pretty tough too….vbg.  I really must get some more.

The postman was also nice and bought some fabrics I had purchased from Ebay.  Got to love shopping there….vbg.

Some lovely bright fat quarters.  Elise snaffled the last lot I had bought so I thought I should treat myself to some more….roflmol.  Well any excuse is better than none.

Also two charm packs arrived.  “May Pole” and “Friends and Flowers” by Moda.  I haven’t used charm packs before but I couldn’t resist these.  Now to come up with a pattern that I like.  Ohh and the roses are more from my garden, “Hazel” not a particularly nice rose when in bud, but once the flowers open, it’s just magnificent.

Ohh and the big news is my stitches are finally out.  I was to have them out last Friday but being a public holiday the surgeon wasn’t working so they were to come out Monday.  Monday lunchtime his clinic rings and says he has been caught in surgery and to come in Tuesday.  By this time the stitches are starting to get a bit infected (I always react to the thread they use) and my hands are so itchy.  Anyway they are now all gone – I have the all clear to do what I want – although pruning 50 roses or chopping down trees is a bit beyond me just yet.  The surgeon was really pleased with how well they have healed and how I don’t have any pain – yipee!!!!

So now I’m off to sew. I’m determined to finish all the home circle blocks for Elise’s quilt – only about four to make and I can put the top together then quilt it.  It is all made from recycled shirts from the op shop (apart from one or two fat quarters that snuck in) and I have decided to use flanalette (also from the op shop) as the backing to add a little extra warmth.  Photos soon.

I hope your weekend is a good one.  Thank you for putting up with the somewhat spodic posts of late.  I will try to improve I promise.  One thing I have kept up with is everyones blog – and the inspiration!!!!!!  Wow.


2 thoughts on “Ekkk It’s Saturday….

  1. Lovely eye candy Catherine. Good to see the fence up and lovely roses not to mention nice fabric goodies. Glad you’re feeling better and no pain in the hands.


  2. Glad to hear the stitches are out and its all looking good. Those charm squares are cute – I have some but have never used them, must move them up the list.

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