Time on My Hands

Understandably, I have had quite a bit of time on my hands if you will forgive the pun.  There hasn’t been a great deal I can do – in fact the rest has been quite nice – if I ignore the fact there are times when I’m so bored with books and DVD’s I could scream.  Still it has been very, very nice not to do housework or cook meals or any of those mundane things that life throws at us and lets fact it – slopping around in my nightie for a week has been pretty decadent….wicked grin.

I had my visit with the surgeon today (one week ago I was operated on).  He was very pleased with my progress – no pain, no pins and needles and good movement in both hands.  I was slightly more over the moon I can tell you….lol.  Unfortunately the stitches aren’t to come out until Monday 28 April.  The hands having thicker skin and being so prone to being stretched and bumped need more time to heal and strengthen.  I can now get them wet which means I can now shower on my own (much to Ashley’s disappointment…..wicked grin) and for the first time I was dressed in something other than my nightwear from the skin out.  Got to admit it does feel weird wearing a bra after a week of not having one on.  Yes I know I’m strange….lol.  I can even clean my teeth and do my hair – yipee…..roflmol.  Haven’t got to the make up stage yet so things are still pretty scary in that department.

I have been going though my craft magazines to try to find simple projects for Elise and Belinda to make.  Mainly I was looking for a simple needle case they could make.  Yes I know I could draft one up with no problems but it’s time the girls started to work out simple sewing instructions – written ones that is.  We (that is I) have decided that going back to basics is a good idea.  Both girls have a cardboard box that will hold all their supplies in it and they are going to spend the next few lessons (when I can finally sew again) creating a pincushion, needle case, and  pencil/sewing stuff case so they have their own things.  A slightly devious means of making sure I can find my pins etc when I want to sew…..vbg.  James thinks he might like to have a go as well and Nicola (while already being semi organised in the sewing department) has expressed an interest to.

Of course no needle case has come to light – yet!!! Mind you with the number of magazines I have that probably isn’t any surprise.  I have been finding all sorts of projects that I had wanted to do but forgotten about in the course of my reading an these have been duly noted and stacked in a pile (separate to the other mags) so when I have a moment or two (I wish) I can start a nice new project.

Despite not being able to do anything I have been cruising the net and buying a bit more fabric.  It’s so easy to buy even when you can only use one finger….roflmol.  Half a dozen yards of tone on tones in cream from Thousands of Bolts – my absolute favorite online quilting store and some charm packs from ebay – well at least one charm pack on ebay,  I still have to see if I win the others.  Ashley is beginning to wonder just how much fabric I need.

In my defense I have to say my spending is nothing compared to what Ashley has spent buying a new engine for the bus (it’s sadly underpowered – try doing 70 km per hour down the highway towing a race car – it’s quite embarrassing not to mention dangerous when others try to pass on blind corners) and all the associated bits and peices he needs.  He tells me that what he has spent is for the whole families benefit – well so are my quilts……at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Right I had better go and pack.  Ashley is racing this weekend and has decided that we are camping at the race track (a whole 40 mins from home) tonight so he can be up bright and early tomorrow ready to race.  It’s his first race in the new buggy and he is understandably nervous but has lots of friends that are racing as well who will make sure he is ok and organsied.  Ashley tells me this is the first of many weekends away racing – hence why the bus needs repowering.

Apparently he has to do five laps of a 15 km course on Saturday and yes it will be on dirt roads like the photo above.  I just hope the wind is blowing away from us otherwise we are all going to be covered in  fine red dust.  The weather promises to be lovely – fine and sunny and not to hot so it should be pleasant if nothing else.

I must say a huge thank you for all the lovely comments and emails I have had since the op.  They mean so much to me and I do appreciate them all.

Chat to you soon



4 thoughts on “Time on My Hands

  1. I feel guilty about the stuff I spend as well but then I think of all the golf and golf trips my husband goes on and then figure well I have to have my hobby too. I guess the guilty part comes in when I don’t use up what I’ve bought, lol.

    But hey, at least I have something to show for it.

    I hope you all have fun at the race and don’t get too covered in dirt.

  2. There is a (free) cute embroidered needlecase pattern on the Cinderberry stitches blog. If the girls didn’t want to do the stitchery, a little piece of novelty fabric would make for a fast and simple needle book.

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