Only Me

Quick post cause I’m one finger typing.  Surgery went really well and was home by 12.30 pm – yay!!!

One inch long cut in right hand with 3 stitches and minimal bruising.

1.5 inch cut in left hand, 7 stitches and major bruising (can’t be lucky all the time…groan).  Will find out Friday when I see the surgeon again the reasons why so many stitches.

Swelling has gone down in fingers and I have feeling and NO Pins and Needles…..doing happy dance.

Still can’t do much – hands resent any normal motions and will for a while.  Drinking my cups of tea from a straw is no fun : o (

Not doing any housework, cooking or anything else is heaps of fun  ; – )

So far not bored (reading heaps and watching DVD’s) but would love to be able to sew but can’t see that happening for a while.

Thank you for all the lovely well wishes and prayers.  They are very much appreciated.




7 thoughts on “Only Me

  1. So glad everything went well for you., Catherine. don’t do too much… once you let “them” know you can, it’s all over ( LOL) honestly tho’, take care of your self and allow time for healing, even though you feel like you can do it… Jane

  2. Hi, I’m with jane, look very helpless for as long as humanly possible! Sounds quite nice…bar the bruising and no stitching!! Lucky you can use one finger, you can still read blogs! Tracey

  3. I am glad your surgery went well. Let them pamper you for awhile, you deserve a break. Enjoy the time you can to catch up on reading and planning your next project. Praying for a quick recovery, but like Tracey and Jane, look helpless for as long as possible. :))

  4. And I agree with everyone before me!
    MILK it for as long as you can……it never hurts to let a family find out the hard way just how much Mum does that they don’t think about.
    Make it some precious “me time” and ENJOY!

  5. So happy your surgery went well. Now take it easy, relax, and let yourself be pampered. My DH had the same surgery on his left hand three weeks ago. He is doing very well as I’m sure you will too. Don’t rush getting back into the regular household chores. Let them miss what you do for them so they will appreciate you even more.

    Enjoy the time and plan your next quilt.
    Barb Mcf

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