Last Post for a While

Well I think I’m organised and you will forgive me if I mention yet again my operation.

I am incredibly nervous, terrified in fact. Not so much of the operation itself, but the waiting that goes with it, the unknown pain levels afterwards and just the thought of “Will I be able to cope with doing nothing?” I guess that’s all part of any surgery at any time. I’m trying to keep myself positive and it helps so much knowing that my hubby and kids are there and more than willing to help me as much as possible so I can recover faster. I just wish I could fast forward the day 24 hours and it would all be over by now.

Have I made the right decision to go though with the surgery? Absolutely Yes….in fact a resounding YES.

I had to do a small amount of hand sewing today – not more than five minutes worth in fixing the binding on Nicola’s quilt. She had asked me sometime ago to fix it – but in the confusion rush to get everything else done I had forgotten. A gentle reminder (ie Nicola waved it under my nose this morning) prompted me to get on with it. Talk about agony. It was excruciating so that alone has convinced me I’m doing the right thing.

The house is organized, washing done, ironing will be completed this afternoon. Tomorrow nights meal is out of the freezer and defrosting (Chicken Casserole and Apple Pie). I have made a huge pot of vegetable soup working on the theory that when I get home I won’t feel like anything else. My hands are in pretty good condition – so long as I don’t hand sew…vbg. I have followed advice and been resting them and the photos I have been showing in recent posts are from previous weeks – not this week so please don’t think I’ve been cheating….roflmol.

The phamplet and other information from the hospital regarding the surgery arrived this morning in the mail. I made the mistake of standing at the car reading it before I went to buy the last few groceries – talk about pass me a bucket. While the photos were very clinical (and extremely well drawn I might add) I really didn’t want/need/desire to see them…but I have been a good patient, read all the information and am now fully informed. It was nice to read that I didn’t need to shave anywhere for this op……wicked grin.

And so dear friends I shall leave you photos of my garden (taken in good years when we had rain) to tide you over until I’m back again. Thank you all for the supportive emails and comments you have left not only about my op but also about my sewing and gardening endeavors. While I shall never aspire to have a blog post which receives 100 replies or more, I am more than content with the readers I have – your support and friendship means the world to me. I will get Ashley or Elise to post how I’m going for those who may be curious and no there won’t be any graphic photos of my wounds – I couldn’t look at them so why should you…lol.

Chat to you soon


9 thoughts on “Last Post for a While

  1. Dear Catherine, forgive me for coming in on this so late, o close to your op,but i’ve only just been directed to you via a friend I met in the Embroiderers Guild here in England.She advised me to find your taching on ‘postcards’,which by the way is FANTASTIC,thanks.
    Now to the matter in hand !!!!! or both hands…don’t be afraid, I am just recovering form haviung my left hand done ,my right was done in December..and I haven’t looked back since.
    You’re very brave having both done at once ,I didn’t wish to as I couldn’t have anyone else coping with my ‘personal’ matters in the ‘toilet’ dept….good luck to you!
    I will return to this sight to see how you are getting on,my thoughts are with you and …it will be so good for you not too have the pain etc, when you are doing what you like best…sewing!
    All for now, best wishes, Anney Pearce

  2. Catherine, the best of luck with your surgery. I am sure everything will work out just fine. God speed. Debbie (Maine) USA

  3. Good Luck Catherine – you have been on my mind all morning – by now it should be all over… Just relax and enjoy this time off – it will aid the healing twofold… Sharon – Melbourne

  4. Oh, I think I missed “good Luck”, so now I will say, “good convalescing!!
    I will be interested to see how it goes as my left is playing up a bit again, put the gloves back on last night so that may improve it.
    There is no way I would want a close up shot of what they do…happy ignorance is my choice!1 lol Tracey

  5. Dear Catherine – Sorry I’m so late on the scene but I hope the operation was a resounding success, you are not in too much pain, and you are convalescing obediantly…lol. All the best dear – I hope you will soon be as good as new!

    Love – Alice

  6. Dear Catherine, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for a quick healing. Relax and “enjoy” your healing time so that soon you’ll be back to your creative self.
    Lots of love and hugs,

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