I have a Surgery Time

Finally the hospital has rung to give me a time for my surgery on Friday. I have to be at the hospital at 8 am and possible surgery time will be 9 am, depending on how the procedure/s before me go.

I will have both arms in a sling – an excellent reminder to the kids and Ashley I can’t do anything…wicked grin. I also have to see the Occupational Therapist to work out what I can and can’t do. Then it’s just a matter of rest and relaxation and allow my hands to heal. The Admissions Nurse had a chuckle when I said I had raised three independent children – I think she has kids of her own – and that there were more than capable of taking over for me. Time will tell.

So now the pantry is stocked and cleaned. The linen press sorted, so there is no excuse they can’t find anything. Laundry room is tidy so everyone can find the washing machine and iron/ironing board. Meals are stacked and sorted in the freezer. Toilet rolls are laid on by the packet full because that is the one thing we will run out of. Menus for the month are organsied and on the fridge so everyone can see what they are eating and when. Even my sewing room has had a bit of a tidy with the more precious/don’t want the kids to cut them up by mistake items put away. There are a pile of new books and magazines ready for me to read and I might just stock up on a few DVD’s to watch along with some old favorites.

Gosh to think I will be allowed to spend the entire day/s in my pj’s and no one can complain like they normally do….roflmol.


2 thoughts on “I have a Surgery Time

  1. I’ll echo what Vicki said, I hope everything goes well. Tell Ashley that he has to type up at least one post for us to let us know how everything went and if you’re okay or either that get one of the kids to do it.


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