Elise’s Block of the Month

Lissa mentioned that she was doing the blocks for a Block of the Month quilt in a recent email and I just had to check it out.  Now I admit that while I like the idea of BOM’s normally I don’t like the quilts that you end up with – Baltimore Blues being the exception, this one however said “Make me!”.  So following the link on her side bar I entered the world of Claudia’s Quilt Shop and her amazing Block of the Month quilt – which I might add is free.

Duly hooked I printed out the instructions that were there (several months worth) and decided that it would be a nice easy quilt to make when my hands were better.  Thinking I would show Elise and guage her reaction – imagine my surprise when she said “I really like that and I want to make it!”  Good grief – knock me down with a feather and all that but who am I to argue.  It possibly helped heaps that I had just received my parcel from Homestead Hearth and all those lovely bright fat quarters were in said parcel and Darling Daughter couldn’t resist them…..wicked grin.

So far Elise has made Month 1- Nine Patch Blocks

Month 2 – Four Patch Blocks

and Month 3 – Double Four Patch Blocks.

I just looooove the fabrics and if it wasn’t for the fact that Ashley would disown me/divorce me/have heart failure – I would buy some more of them.  It has helped that Elise even had some scraps of bright fabrics from other projects and it has been a good way to use them up.

I should warn you this may be a long and slow quilt to be made.  These blocks, while easy, are being fitted in between homework and school so they will be done as time permits.  Next Elise has to make Frayed Four Patch Blocks which I think she has the pieces cut for already then some houses which both of us just adore.  Check out her piecing by the way – not even my corners meet as well as hers do and she is a whizz at the rotary cutter.  Being a really good Mum (not) I’m staying out of the way – I was threatened with a large bundle of scraps – which I might add were too small to do anything with – and told not to interfere.  The cheek of it and it’s my machine she is using…..vbg.


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