Now you know me. You know I would never, ever celebrate the fact that it is Monday morning and all the children are back at school after two weeks holidays. You know I would never, ever celebrate the fact that there is just me, four dogs and a cat at home all by our lonesomes. Yeah right – guess who is doing the happy dance this morning…wicked grin.

I had to share some photos of the weekends adventures. Ashley decided, that after much pulling of hair, stripping of parts and rebuilding that his race car/buggy was ready for a test drive. Hmmmmm I could think of far more exciting things to do but being a dutiful wife I went…..actually I wasn’t given a choice.

Now I have to tell you that the sight of this race car, or any of his previous race cars, do not fill me with delight – but Ashley informs me it is safer than the car I drive every day. It possibly is – I just don’t want to think about it.

A saftey harness is a must and boy was it tight to do up. Look at the look of concentraction on his face!!!!

Off in a cloud of dust. Ashley had his GPS with him to check his speed. 154 km!!!!! I’m not kidding, I looked at the GPS too. ……and apparently he hadn’t hit top speed.

While it was easy for Ashley to negoitate the trail of destruction that the dust storm last week had created – it took some creative driving for the Range Rover to follow the same path.

If it wasn’t for the fact it’s my husband in this car I would love this photo.

Seriously though – Ashley is quite safe. He takes extreme care in making sure the car is as safe as possible. He wears a fire rated suit, gloves, shoes and helmet and has up to date seat belts/harness. It’s just me that worries. The Race Car Driver has a ball! First race is the weekend after my op but it’s only 30 mins from home so whether I go or not depends on the pain levels. He has told me he is taking the bus so I can be in comfort and is thinking about camping for the night – many of the competitors do and it is supposed to be a real family event which will be nice.

So after all that excitement James and I did some gardening.  He announced at Murrabit that he wanted some plants so he could have his own garden.  Hmmmm what does one buy an eight year old boy that he won’t kill instantly, will survive lack of attention and water and still look interesting/funky/the type of thing your mother loathes.

Cacti of course.

Prickly enough that Milly won’t touch them (trust me I know!!), different enough that his sisters wouldn’t want the same and tough enough to survive anything – well just about anything.

Actually I have to admit they are kind of fun and look good and just maybe we might have to extend the collection a little.  Each plant was $1 and the pot was from the Op Shop and the black stones were kind of cool and one cacti looks like it might even flower and lets fact it it’s a drought and these are drought tolerant.  Ohhh I don’t need more plants – I just admire these for a while.  Well until I find some more…vbg.

I’m off to enjoy the peace and quiet and to continue cleaning.  I hope your Monday is a good one.


One thought on “Monday

  1. Interesting looking race buggy, I haven’t seen one quite like that but then I don’t really go looking.

    The cacti should be a good bet. I’ve had one for what must be about 28 years now and it’s still alive so they’re tough because I forget to water all the time as well.

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