A Sewing Day

As I mentioned in my last post we were supposed to be going to Bendigo on Wednesday for a shopping/explore the op shops/visit spotlight trip.  Unfortunately Elise wasn’t feeling well and my hands were incredibly sore so we cancelled the expedition – and it would have been an expedition – Me and four children….hmmmmm…it could have been interesting.

Instead we organised a sewing day here.  Elise and Belinda had picked out fabric well before Christmas to make a bag each.  Part of the long running process to not only teach them to sew but to get them hooked on patchwork.  Yes my mind does work along devious means at times….wicked grin.

It is getting to the stage where I need a bigger sewing room.  With three of us in there sewing room is becoming a premium – mind you a clean up may help…. just a little….vbg.  That might be this weeks job.

Belinda was allowed to sew her bag but only with close supervision from Jess.

Belinda’s Bag

Elise’s bag.  Both girls used the quilt as you go method which made it really quick and easy – even if Belinda did have my sewing machine set on it’s slowest rate…vbg.  I don’t think she was impressed when Elise speeded it up for her……although she did cope very well with going a bit quicker.

A reward for me was the arrival of my fabric from Homestead Hearth.  I have been itching to try some of the Aunt Grace 1930’s fabrics and couldn’t resist a fat quarter pack of all 30 fabrics.  Now to work out what I want to make with them.  Some ideas are floating around but nothing definite yet.

I also couldn’t resist a remant pack of Civil War fabrics (at least I think that’s what I ordered).  Either way I love them and ideas are starting to brew as to what to make with them.

There was also a bundle of 25 fat quarters in bright fabrics but Elise snaffled them before I could photograph them.  Photos of what she is making with them soon.

By the end of the day I was exhausted.  Between making apricot jam, teaching sewing, running a parcel or two down the street for Ashley and fondling fabrics it was a very long day.


4 thoughts on “A Sewing Day

  1. Maybe it’s time for Ashley to erect a 3 bay lined and air-conned SHED for the sewing factory>

    Seriously though Catherine.congrats on getting the family enthused about sewing.
    Tell James that I have a friend that collects sewing machines and her latest buy was an 1890s hand crank Singer….its gorgeous!

    Swap you apricot jam for Rosella jam! (smile)

  2. Your sewing room looks better than mine 🙂

    I love the bags the girls made and tell James I love his new sewing machine.

    The fabric looks oh so yummy, I love it when other people shop, vbg.

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