I’m a Proud Mum

Just had to show you James’s latest purchase…vbg.

On Tuesday Nicola, James and I did a quick stop off at the local St Vinnie’s Op Shop. We were meant to be going to Bendigo Wednesday but didn’t end up going. Needless to say James was very upset as he wanted to spend his pocket money – so a quick stop off at any shop was just what was needed and as I was already down the street it wasn’t too much out of my way.

The kids were busy cruising around as kids do – I’m hunting for bargains when all of a sudden Nicola comes running up yelling “James’s wants to buy a sewing machine!!!!”. Well of course the whole store heard that. Me being me was intrigued and ready to talk him out of such a purchase until I saw the machine.

Isn’t it just gorgeous…….and green!!!!!!!

Look at the price and James was warned (by me) that if it didn’t work he had done his money. No probs says James – I’ll sell it on ebay and get my money back. Not likely son. I’m no expert but I think that machine has some history.

Look at that gleaming paint work – if only I would look that good at that age…vbg.

It even had a reverse lever and a bobbin winder that is much the same as the kind you find on the older Singer Sewing Machines.

The Pinnock Company was established at Elizabeth in South Australia before General Motors Holden became Elizabeth’s main employer. They were the only sewing machine industry in Australia at the time and were employing fifty people making machines for export. You can find more information here at The Needlebar including a photo of Mr Pinnock, the grandson of the companies founder, a photo of the factory and some of it’s employees. There are other photos here of more Pinnock Sewing Machines – James’s machine is also pictured.

Ohh and yes the machine does work. Ashley needs to get a new belt for it. It’s one of the “v” shaped ones like you get on a Singer sewing machine and then it should be all systems go – it ran with the belt it had on it but not as good as if it was the correct belt. There was very little dust or dirty build up on any of the parts (someone has cared for it) and the paint work is in nearly new condition. One or two minor scratches you can see in the bottom photo and there is a bit of paint missing right near where the cotton reel sits and that’s it.

So what can I say – I have trained my boy well and he is well on his way to his own sewing machine collection. I must add – Nicola wouldn’t buy the machine cause she was worried it wouldn’t work and when she found out it did spent the rest of the afternoon saying how she preferred her old Singer but if I wanted to buy a new machine for her (the emphasis being on “new”) I could go ahead with her blessing. Figure that one out if you can.


4 thoughts on “I’m a Proud Mum

  1. hello! re the question of whether ops can sell electrical goods, i think The Law says they can only sell them if they’re new (like, in the box). ops disregard this law to varying extents, depending on how devil-may-care the head volunteer is (in my experience). ps that sewing machine looks awesome.

  2. After hunting around for awhile finally I find something that confirms that i’ve stumbled on a little gem also! I’ve just bought the same machine – that glorious green gem – off ebay for less than $10! Just wondering if you’ve ever had it valued?

  3. I have also just inherited an identical machine from a garage sale and it runs beautifully. Unfortunately I’m not super experienced and although I can sew, I struggle with finding my way around new gadgets. Without an instruction manual, I’ve stalled when it comes to winding on a new bobbin…! I don’t suppose you can guide me through the set-up?

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