Block of The Day

At last Ashley mediated between the camera and computer and got them talking again….vbg….so for your viewing pleasure the last of the Block of The Day blocks are posted to my flickr album for those interested.  There will be no more posted for a month or so or until I can sew again which ever comes first.

I confess to “cheating” a little on a few of them.  Applique is not my thing – I don’t mind the Baltimore Blues blocks I’m working on but some of the Block of The Day blocks just don’t grab me.  Still I did make a committment to myself that I would try all the blocks – so a small “fudging” of the applique ones is permitted.  Well I’m permitting myelf…vbg.

April 23rd’s block is a prime example.  You can see by the calender there were a lot of these clusters of leaves and they were tiny…..and I mean really tiny and to be honest I just couldn’t be bothered with anything that small.  Plus I had the dilemma of how do I do that bias – when my bias skills range from non existant to incredibly bad.  So I fudged the block – did the bias lines with silk ribbon in a stem stitch and made only four flowers instead and in the end I quite like this block. Don’t mind the thread on the bottom corner flower.  Elise was taking photos so I shall blame her.

Some blocks I loved – despite their having fiddly peices – April 12 being one of them.  I could see this in all different shades of blue on a white back ground.

April 24 was a cutey and all done with 2.5 inch strips – a great stash buster idea I think.  I could see this in a really scrappy quilt.

May 8 – in my humble opinion – is another good stash buster block.  All 2.5 inch squares and strips and sooooo easy to put together.

I should have said right back when I started these blocks that if anyone sees any block that they particularly love and want the name or details of it – please ask.  I haven’t included the names cause I’m too lazy and quite frankly looking up a date is easier….lol…but I’m prepared to put in the leg work for anyone interested.  Please just leave a comment and I will email you with the information you require.


3 thoughts on “Block of The Day

  1. I think you did a great job with the applique block and I think more flowers would have just made the block to busy.

    Have you run across a block yet that uses only 2.5″ squares because if you do then let me know as I have hundreds of 2.5″ squares from all of the gradations I’ve done of my hand-dyed fabric and I need to find a way of using them up.

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