Album or Chimney Sweep Block

Bonnie, at Quiltville, found the most stunning quilt in an antique shop while on one of her trips.   You can see the post about it here.  Bonnie decided to make the block herself and call it “Kentucky Album” and it really is stunning.

Of course in the wonderful style of blogging one thing lead to another and Judy at Quilting with Ragdolls  has decided that she would also like to make this quilt using Civil War Fabrics and put out a call for anyone who might know the name of the block or where she might find a pattern.

Well me being me and with nothing else to do, did a bit of a search and found this fascinating web site Patterns from History which just happened to have that particular pattern and best of all it’s free!!!  The block is known under the names of Chimney Sweep or Album Patch.  Mind you there are probably plenty of other names for it as a great many blocks seem to have plenty of aliases depending on who and where they were made – which I think is just part of the fun of quilting.  Needless to say I have passed on the link to Judy and I hope it is what she is looking for.

As for me – weeeeellll I don’t need another project but it is a really pretty block and I do like the idea of using those Civil War fabrics or for that matter any fabrics at all – soooooo it just might go onto the to do list.

On achievable things today –  I have cleaned the house while the girls did home work (yes even on school holidays they have homework) and James went to work with Ashley this morning.  Nicola has worked on her latest quilt “Star Struck” another of Bonnie’s wonderful Scrap quilts. She is making 25 blocks in total and has made really good progress.  So far the strips are sewn together, been cut into 4.5 inch blocks and approx fifteen of those blocks have the corner triangles sewn on.  I have to say I’m impressed at the speed that Nicola is sewing at and the accuracy of her seams.  Far better than her mothers at time.  I would post a photo of what she has achieved but for some reason the computer and camera are not speaking to each other so I can’t until Ashley can sort out the problem.  I was also going to put the Block A Day photos in my flickr album but that didn’t happen either. Hopefully tomorrow.


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