What can I say – we camped, we cut wood, we played in the creek, Ajax slept and a good time was had by all…..especially the flies who thought we were there to carry them around and the mozzies who thought I was “meals on legs”.

One of four trailer loads of wood that we cut.

The children all did heaps of exploring on the push bikes and motor bike. Even I tried the motor bike – scary stuff. This was Ashley’s motor bike when he was younger than James – and it still works!!!!

Of course the boys had to take their toy out to play……

Roast – not in the camp oven – but the BBQ instead – we only ended up lighting two fires – one to cook breakfast on the first day and another one evening so Ashley and I could sit around it while waiting for kids to sleep so Easter Bunny could visit.

It was really quite warm one day so the kids, dogs and I hibernated in the bus with the air conditioner on – yes I know we are spoilt….vbg. Ajax just had to have a nap! Ashley, I might add, went out and cut more wood.

Playing in the creek….can you tell it’s not real deep. Of course I had to be the one to fall in. Fortunately there aren’t any photos of that little incident….vbg.

Can you tell how hard Ashley worked? Red gum dust is incredibly hard to get out of clothes.

Give a man a chainsaw and watch him go to work.

Elise worked her butt off the entire time we camped. Honestly there is no way we would have achieved as much as we as we did if she hadn’t helped.

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt – luckily the kids found all the eggs before the dogs did.

Can you tell how dry it is? Bill hasn’t watered two years cause their isn’t any irrigation water to be had.

The storm clouds the brewed up just as we are leaving – no rain though but the clouds did look impressive.


7 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. You all look like you had an enjoyable time even though a lot of work involved. It’s nice to have family time together at a get-away place.
    Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time
    Have been nagging hubby the last week that WE need to go and do some wood too – now you have inspired me to nag more!!!!

  3. Glad to hear the aircon worked well Catherine VBG.
    Looks like a very productive and happy campsite.
    Has Ashley built that pizza oven yet (just kidding Ash:-) I know how busy you are.

    And another gold medal for Elise for being champion wood collector..heaps of dead trees there,largely due to the drought I guess?

  4. looks like a great time camping and now you would be using some of the wood with the cooler weather…………..thanks for the link in your previous post…………found you from my stats……..

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