Selvedge Quilts

In yesterdays post I mentioned Selvedge Quilts – that is quilts, bags etc made from the selvedge edges of fabric.  The idea intrigues me I must admit.  All those little peices of fabric that are generally thrown out just because you can’t use them in a quilt…..well now you can.

Cruising the net yet again – cause I don’t want to start the housework and get kids motivated – and following link upon link I found this site which gives a tutorial on how to use those “waste” selvedges.   Now the question is dare I try this new form of quilting?   Some of the photos of quilts etc I have seen are really quite stunning and I must admit the idea of not throwing out any part of the fabric really appeals.

Already I’m saving all my triangle shaped pieces to make Bonnie’s “Maverick Stars” and there is a four litre  ice cream container full already.  My strip  (shoe) boxes – all I had at the time – are over flowing with strips ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 inches which really need to be used.  There is a mounting pile of new fabric hiding in my cupboard – a treat for myself when I have used all that I have now.  The fabric dyes I have are calling me – Karin at Bunks Blog has been doing the most amazing dyeing and I feel the need to play with fabric and colour and I still have a pile of Block A Day blocks to make not to mention the housework and stocking the freezer and my op is only a bit over a fortnight away.


Having said all that it is now 8.55 am and I told the kids we were starting housework promptly at 9 am so I had better get organsied.  I  will let the idea of a selvege “something” stew in the muddle of my mind for a while and I will get on with tackling other jobs and priorities for now.

Possibly the best part of all this blog hopping is now my bloglines list is growing very nicely with some yummy new blogs to keep me motivated while I can’t do anything.

Hope your day is a good one.  The air is lovely and fresh here this morning as we had rain, not lots but better than nothing  and thunderstorms and lightening last night.  I had forgotten what heavy rain on the roof sounded like.


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