Happy Easter

I’m off on our annual cutting wood/camping holiday which happens each Easter.  Well apart from last Easter which was when I was in Port Pirie for the Crazy Quilting Friends Get Together. Hard to believe that all that excitement happened 12 months ago.

Anyway as soon as I pick up the kids and Ashley decides he has done enough work we are off.  The bus is packed – finally.  I’m hoping I have everything in but as we come home every couple of days to unload what wood we have cut and to feed chooks, cat and the two dogs we are leaving behind – they are both two old ladies which will be much happier out of all the excitement – I can pick up anything I need then.

The only downside this year is that it is so dry where we camp and there is the possibility of fire bans depending on the weather – we won’t be able to have our camp oven roast cooked over an open fire.  Truly the best roast ever – even better than being done in the oven or crock pot and that’s saying something.  But never fear we will have a roast – cooked on the new BBQ Ashley bought which was an early Birthday present.

I have packed plenty of books to read – some new crafty magazines and the wine…..vbg.  Absolutely no sewing which will be hard but a break will do me good.  Ohh and if anyone knows whether you can get a 12 volt sewing machine please let me know.  Electrician hubby says you can’t – but I’m not sure I believe him.  He may just not want me to get one….lol.

Have a lovely Easter.  Spend it with those you love and enjoy the break and remember the reason why we celebrate Easter.

Many Hugs



2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Wow, you seem to be going a mile a minute with your sewing, the block a days are looking great, love the red suzi!
    Have a good time camping, I have never heard of a 12 v sew machine but someone should invent one, how are the hands? I have been having a breocca a day and mine are great, don’t know if that is anything to do with it1 Tracey

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