Today was a Good Day

Compared to yesterday today has been brilliant.

I told James after school about his Guinea Pig and after 10 mins of crying and howling we wandered out to see Ben’s final resting spot. James and Ashley made a small sign to place over the grave to mark the spot so now James is a reasonably happy boy – at least he went off to school today with no problems. Ohh and now he wants a crab as a pet. I think he means a Sand crab – but either way I’m pretending I can’t hear him….lol. I must remember next time one of our pets passes away to tell all the kids together. I was so intent on making sure that James was ok – that I waited to tell the girls and found them racing around with tears running down their cheeks trying to find our 16 year old dog Cleo who they were convinced has gone. Needless to say Cleo got plenty of hugs and was quite pleased with all the attention.

Even better news came home with Elise today – actually two bits of good news.

For some time Elise has been struggling in her Math’s class. There is one boy there who is the “popular” one – I hate that term and all that it brings to mind. He is the ring leader of the distractions…..or “destruction’s” according to Elise….. that occurs on a daily basis. This charming child teased a Muslim girl in the Maths class so badly regarding her religion, the fact she wears a veil on her head and her clothing that one day that the poor child bolted out of class and ran home in tears. When he isn’t teasing or bulling her he picks on Elise and her friend Erin or another girl. Finally I had had enough and when Elise was spending four hours a night struggling with her maths work which she didn’t understand due to all that was happening in class, I phoned her maths teacher and chatted to her for quite some time. A charming lady as it happens – the old school kind of teacher who was no more impressed with this behaviour of this child or any other “rat bags” in her class. She had been ill for a while and the class had just got completely out of control while under the supervision of substitute teachers.

The upshot of the discussion was that because I had complained about this child’s behaviour and the “bullying” he was subjecting others to – the teacher had to make a formal complaint to the school and now this child has been suspended until the end of term – a whole four days. (Mind you Mrs C. had been complaining about him for some time but it took a parents complaint before the school would do anything. ) Not a very long suspension, but the school at least is now aware of the major problem that has been occurring. Mrs C. is now running a maths class for “invitation only” students, ie the ones who really want to work or are having problems with their maths, at lunch times so those students can work in peace. She is even trying to swing it that they can take their tests in that time so that they can concentrate. So at last Elise is going to get the help she needs to pass maths. The silly thing is Elise is very good at maths – provided she is shown how to do it properly in the first place and can ask questions when she doesn’t understand it – something that wasn’t happening with all the distractions in class.

The other bit of good news is that Elise’s first maths test (which as always she was convinced she would fail) ended up wit ha score of 30 out of 34 and the first page of her recent maths test scored 9 out of 10. Guess who’s doing the happy dance tonight (I’m pointing at Elise…vbg.)

Ohh as for the “popular” students family – they aren’t having a good day. Both the boy and his twin sister coped it at school. He was suspended and she was thrown out of the technology class for firstly screaming and yelling at the teacher cause he wouldn’t cut some wood when she wanted it – ie Right Now!!!. When she was allowed to come back into class (after a five minutes break) she walked in and started swearing at him. Now all her lessons will be done next door with the Year 10 boys. My guess is they won’t take any notice of her and her delusions of grandeur. I wouldn’t like to be those parents – although seeing how some raise their kids they are probably telling the little darlings it isn’t their fault and to just ignore it all.

PS  I forgot to add – the students who are being bullied are now going to get their parents to complain as well so hopefully this child might be taught a lesson that it’s not ok to continue with his behaviour.  I just wish they, and I, had stood up a little earlier and made our feelings known sooner.


One thought on “Today was a Good Day

  1. That’s good to know. I didn’t realise that a parent had to formally complain about another student before action was taken but it makes sense because I’m sure teachers complain about certain students all the time and nothing seems to be done. The teachers are probably told to cope with the situation the best they can. Hmmm…one son is going to try for a teacher I don’t envy him one bit if he suceeds.

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