Not A Good Day

I haven’t had a good start to the day at all.

I kept wondering why Milly was barking at Ben the Guinea Pigs cage.  She tends to do it a bit – so I had ignored her for as long as I could.  Milly tends to regard Ben as a small furry creature  designed purely for her entertainment – a job which he fulfilled admirably spending quite a bit of her time teasing her as he ran around his cage – secure in the knowledge she couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to get him.

Ben first came to live with us as an eight week old  courtesy of one and James’s preschool friends who just happened (despite all precautions) to have a breeding pair who according to their nature – bred.  James begged and pleaded that day to have a guinea pig.  I wouldn’t give in but a phone call to his father saw us bringing home this small furry creature that crept into our hearts and daily lives.  Not that Ben was played with much.  He much preferred to look at life from the back row – just accepting we were around and that daily treats like carrots and tomatoes (his favorite) would find their way into his cage.

Finally I investigated Milly’s barking to find poor Ben lying very still and……. well there’s no other way to put it……dead.

Poor little man has been loosing condition these past few weeks and the heat certainly hasn’t helped.  He was approx 3 years old which I think is fairly good for a Guinea Pig.

Now I have to tell James – can you tell I’m dreading that part?

Rest In Peace Ben – We’ll miss you Sweetie.


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