Our New Car

I just had to show you photos of our new/old car.  Yes it’s second hand but quite frankly if Elise is going to learn to drive in it – I don’t want her in a new one and I especially don’t want her driving the range rover.

James likes it cause it’s a………

although why that matters I don’t know.

Elise likes it because it has these embroidered on the seat covers….

which by the way I’m hoping that the seat covers will fall apart when I wash them so I can have some new ones…..wicked grin.

 Nicola likes it because it’s “coool”…her words not mine.

Sorry no photo – how do you photograph a “cool” car I wonder?

I love it because it’s…….

RED and it’s small and I can fit the shopping into it and it is primarily MY car.

…….and I have always wanted a RED car.  Deep breath.  It’s scary when I get that excited about a car isn’t it.

Ashley likes it because there is little or nothing to fix on it and the price was right……


although that didn’t stop him from having a little play under the hood and checking everything out……vbg.

Now I just have to wait for him to have time to go down and register it and I can drive it – yipee.


On a more serious note – there are more Block of the Day photos posted to my flickr album.  Another four done this morning.  Now I have to start cutting out more blocks. The Flickr link in the side bar will take you there.



One thought on “Our New Car

  1. Nice looking car, there must be something about red as another lady I recently met had just bought a car and was going nuts over the fact that it was red. My opinion is that you’d better drive the speed limit in it 🙂

    Just had a look at all of the blocks and it boggles the mind so I did a bit of math on them just to see how many quilts you can make out of all of those blocks at the end of the year and came to the conclusion that it all depends on how you put them together and whether or not you use sashings but any way you look at it you’re going to be a busy girl. Hmm…maybe you can let the girls (and your son if he’s so inclined) do a school yard pick on them and they can have a go at making their own quilts.

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