More Blocks

It really is amazing just how much you can get done when it’s too hot to do anything outside…vbg. Our lovely (NOT) hot weather is continuing with no sign of it cooling down anytime soon. The weather people have apparently forecast thunderstorms for today but I haven’t seen anything that even remotely looks like a thunderstorm yet.

More Blocks of the Day are posted to my flickr album for those interested. Did I happen to mention that I am no longer afraid of half and quarter square triangles???? Good thing I’m not cause I had this block to do last night…..

Now I have to say that even a month ago I wouldn’t have tackled this block – but honestly it was easy despite what it looks like. Once I worked out the individual sets of blocks within it, the whole thing went together in around about 30 mins. Not bad I thought. I don’t like batik fabric much – I bought some a while ago and then wondered just what I would do with it – but it does look good in these kinds of blocks – especially with my hand dyed fabric – but them maybe I’m biased….vbg. I am very pleased to say I have finished all of March’s blocks and made April 1sts. At this stage it does look like I will be able to get all that I want done before my op…..well fingers crossed anyway.

Nicola spent some time Monday (public holiday) sewing the binding on her Disappearing Nine Patch quilt.

She wasn’t impressed that I was taking her photo – can you tell….wicked grin. Nicola cut all the fabrics from my stash of 3.5inch strips, sorted out their positions in each quilt block, sewed them together, quilted the quilt – very simply cause it was her first time, and has now sewn down a continuous binding.


Another first for her. Now all she has to do is hand sew the binding down and it’s done. Photos I promise when it’s done.

Looking for something else to do she also had a play around with making a Maverick Star – another one of Bonnie Hunters wonderful ideas for using up scraps and goodness knows I have plenty of them……roflmol. You can find the pattern here – go on have a go they are very easy. I forgot to take a photo but I think there are plans afoot to make more stars and them perhaps make them into a quilt or table runner. I guess I should ask Nicola at some time just what her plans are. Nahhh too easy – I’ll wait until she starts hunting around my sewing room for more patches….grin.


3 thoughts on “More Blocks

  1. Nice block 🙂

    Tell Nicola from me congrats on the quilt because from what I can tell in the photo she’s done an excellent job on it, matching blocks and what not, way-to-go Nicola!

  2. Nicola you are AWESOME! I hope when you come to visit you will teach me how to make the corners all match up.

    Fabulous work!


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