Presents and More Blocks

I just have to show you this…..

…’s my Valentines Day present from Ashley.  It finally arrived nearly a month late cause as usual the suppliers list it in their catalogues but don’t have enough in stock.  For months when ever I had to work with Ashley I would need to borrow his tools and there is nothing harder than getting a man (particularly an electrician) to part with his precious pliers or screw driver!  So at last he listened to me and bought me this tool set.  It is designed for women – but the tools in it are good ones.  There’s even gloves, scissors, pruners and a hammer!!!  Yipee and best of all they are purple – yes that lovely soft purple you see in the photo – so hopefully when I have to work with a bunch of plumbers, builders and one electrician – they won’t pinch my tools.  I have added a shady hat and some sun screen and now I feel fully equipped to deal with most emergencies….roflmol….well at least the kind that involve me hunting for a hammer to hang a picture hook for my latest photo or quilt….wicked grin.

February’s Baltimore Block is finished from Fat Cat Patterns.  I had to machine applique this one with satin stitch as I can no longer hand sew them.  I’m still deciding if I want to pull out the button hole stitch I did on January’s block or leave it and use it as a focal point in the centre of the quilt.  March’s block is there and I have printed it out – but not tackled it yet.  Ohh and check out the cute owl pattern that has just been posted there it’s called Hooty Toots.

I have also finished the mystery quilt from the Stitch and Frame Shop.  I like the pattern (Jewel Box they called it) and it looks better in the photo than real life – but I wish I had chosen different colours.  Personally I think this quilt needs lots of contrast.  I could see it with black or navy blue background  fabric and lots of jewel toned hand dyed fabric for the pattern. It still needs borders – although that won’t be for a while until I decide what I want to do with it.  I’m also trying to convince Nicola that she could easily make this quilt – in fact I think it would be a good exercise  for her but time will tell if that happens.

Right off to do some more sewing.  Nicola, James and I spent part of the morning cleaning up the disaster that James calls his bedroom.  You can now actually walk in the door to his room without falling over anything.  I have done four loads of washing – which are nearly dry as soon as they hit the line it’s so hot and I have just heard from Ashley and Elise who drove to Melbourne today to pick up a new car that we bought.  It’s a Suzuki (which James loves cause he wants a Suzuki – goodness knows why) which will be small enough to tow behind the bus, economical around town and is manual for Elise to learn to drive in – she is able to get her learners permit next year and there isn’t a snowflakes chance in hell she will be driving the Range Rover.  The weary travellers will be home tonight about 6 pm after a very long hot day.

I hope your day is a good one.


3 thoughts on “Presents and More Blocks

  1. Your very own toolkit – oh what bliss! Now just remember to put things back where they belong, won’t you?…lol.

    Love the Baltimore Block – beautiful.

  2. Now that’s a great Valentine’s Day gift! I love the purple color.

    I’ve always liked the jewel block quilts, but I have never made one. I’ve seen many in black with strong jewel colors.

    Yours looks very nice. The light colors are perfect for spring… I just remembered that for you, it’s not springtime. Oh well, it will be in a few months.

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog break. I am already enjoying flitting about reading others blogs and not having to think about making a post. After a few weeks I am sure I will be ready again.

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