……I am the Mum to a 15 year old. Yes today is Elise’s birthday which would have been a whole lot brighter if she wasn’t still sick with this flue bug we both seem to have. James I might add is well and truly over it and just about bouncing off the walls so he was definately on the “go to school” list today.

Elise has gone to school – more I think so her friends can wish her Happy Birthday than a real desire to learn anything…vbg.

Elise with the “Tardis” from “Doctor Who” that Nan knitted for her.
I might add Nan has vowed and declared she will never knit another one it was so fiddly…..wicked grin.

It’s funny I don’t think I have ever really thought about the fact that one day my child would reach the ripe old age of 15 – but suddenly it hit me today. My girl is really growing up, in fact in some societies may even be considered an adult and of marriageable age. Thank heavens we live here and I get to keep my “girl” at home for a while longer. It seems like only yesterday I was watching her lying in a bed in the hospital wondering just how on earth her father and I managed to bring such a precious bundle of joy into the world. Ok so now I’m getting sentimental – but surely I’m allowed to on such a special day?

I just had to show you the Block of the Day for March 4….

It called “Rocky Road to Dublin”. Certainly an appropriate title as goodness knows raising a child, let alone a teenager in this day and age can defiantely be rocky……..still I wouldn’t change her for the world.

Happy Birthday Elise

We love you heaps

 Mum, Dad, Nicola and James



2 thoughts on “Today….

  1. Aah…Happy Birthday Elise!!! Hope your day is a fantastic one despite the flu. Love the Tardis your gran knit you, vbg. Hope that you get lots of goodies and lots of yummy things to eat.


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