The Gecko Vest

At last I have found time to post decent photos of my Gecko Vest. Truth is I have the flue and this is about all I feel like doing. Unfortuately both Elise and James also have the same bug so my going to bed isn’t an option. James must be on the mend though – he is complaining there is nothing to do!!!

Leaves from the garden, ideas and fabric paper.

The design process is always the fun part. I do a bit of research on the net – mainly cause I can’t draw for nuts and I need ideas on how to copy draw things…vbg plus one idea always sparks another but there also comes a time when I have to stop spending time looking at ideas and actually making something.

I might add that none of this goes into a journal or note book. I make one off designs. I explore the possibilities until I’m satisfied and think that the garment is finished. Then I move on.

Basting – my least favorite exercise

I admit that while I don’t baste my quilts – the gammill makes that step unnecessary – I do like to baste my vests. Chances are I will change my mind on just how much quilting I will do either by hand or machine and if everything is basted securely then it doesn’t matter what I do. Besides I hate having pins stick into me and guaranteed if I use safety pins no matter how carefully I pin them one will always be in the road or come undone just when I don’t want it to.

The only time I use pins is when I do something stupid like forgetting to quilt right on the edge of the gecko before I start the other shadow quilting. Poor little guy was sticking up in all the wrong places, but some sewing soon fixed that problem.

Stem Stitched Boucle Thread with beads

Both of the front geckos needed some embroidery to make them stand out. The back gecko’s fabric already had that chain stitching on it – makes my life much easier. Edmar threads were the choice – as always. They add that bit of bling that was needed plus they are wonderful to sew with.

Stem Stitched Edmar Thread with Colonial Knot Eyes

Front View

Back View

Binding. I decided that I didn’t want plain black for the binding and this fabric I had bought in my final shopping spree last year seemed just right.

In the end the only things I purchased for this vest was the batting – mine wasn’t thin enough for what I wanted to do and the fabric for the back gecko and that’s only cause it was calling me in the shop….wicked grin. I think a total of $10 was spent – everything else came from my stash. How’s that for stash busting. Ohh and the vest was just the right weight for wearing Saturday night for our End of Summer BBQ (which was a success by the way). Cool night, roaring log fire, heaps of food and drink and good friends – nothing can be better.


3 thoughts on “The Gecko Vest

  1. FANTASTIC Catherine! It worked out so very well, though that is not surprising when it is you at the machine.

    I love the simplicity of it.


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