Update on Surgeons Visit

What a lovely man my surgeon is.  Not only did I not have to grovel and beg at his feet to persuade him to do both hands at the same time, but he also said he would do them under general anesthetic – apprently it’s an op they can also do under a local…..ewwww.  No thanks!  The whole op takes approx 10 minutes each hand so I will be home in my bed that night.

So now I am just waiting for a date and time from the hospital and all systems are go.  Ohh there was a slight down side – there may be residule tingling in my hands which may or may not be permanent.  Because the nerves have been compressed for so long it is one of the possible side effects – but as I explained to the children – that would be far better than the numbness and pain I am experiencing now.

Thank you all so much for your prayers of support and good wishes.  It means so much to know I have friends out there thinking of me.


8 thoughts on “Update on Surgeons Visit

  1. Best wishes for your surger. It’ll be very nice for you to be able to do the things you like without any pain!

    I loved looking at the fabric you made….the disappearing plastic sounds so interesting. And you reminded me that I need to update my block a day calendar….to think that you’ve made all those blocks blows me away! I just look and think, “Well, maybe someday….”

  2. I am glad to hear you will be getting your hands fixed soon.

    I had my right hand done 18 years ago. I have had no problem with it since. It was such a relief to be able to sleep at night without that terrible burning sensation!

    I hope your surgery goes as well.

  3. Best wishes Catherine for a cure to sleepless nights and pain.
    The rest won’t hurt you either and the family will appreciate you even more so.

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