Off To See the Surgeon

Now you should be singing that to the tune of The Wizard or Oz”…vbg.  I saw my Doctor this morning and he has recommended me for surgery.  My hands with this horrible carpel tunnel syndrome are driving me nuts.  It has got to the stage where hand sewing of any kind is out, holding a knife is painful and sleep is once again being disrupted by tingling and throbbing in my hands.  Even pegging clothes on the line is becoming another torturous job.

So I’m off to see the surgeon at 2.30pm  this afternoon where I shall beg and plead, and if necessary get down on my hands and knees and grovel, to get both hands done at the same time. Yes I know I shall be out of action for quite a few weeks but considering how much I loathe surgery and how much it stuffs up my precarious mental state which at the moment is working along quite nicely with all that I have to do I figure it’s worth it.  Besides I have a hidden agenda…..shhhhhh.

Don’t tell my family but it will do them all a whole heap of good to have Mum out of action for a while.  They have all become far to complacent about having Mum there.  I admit I’m at fault to.  I pick up after them (nagging never works – trust me I’ve tried it), cook their favorite meals (consider my kitchen a resurant) and cater for any number of friends who seem to drop by at a moments notice, sort out homework issues, laundry issues and just issues in general.  Ashley as much as I love him has the idea at the moment that I can drop everything to be at his side when he needs me at work.  Well ok so for him I will do that – but there are times when I just want/need/have to stay at home and get things done around here.  Sorry I now I’m complaining and yes I read plenty of blogs that tell me that you should do all those things with a willingness in your heart cause you are caring for your family and that’s the way you can show them you love them….big breath…..well too bad.  I need a break. I need time off to care for myself and hopefully with the surgeons help I will get it.

Got to run – will let you know how I get on.


2 thoughts on “Off To See the Surgeon

  1. Catherine I hope everything goes well with your surgery, I hadn’t realised that you were in such pain.

    About the mom stuff, I think you need to let your family look after themselves for a bit as well. The thing about housework is it never ends it’ll always be there and of course the rest of the family is going to let you do it, I mean who wouldn’t because face it cleaning and cooking etc, etc just isn’t fun and if people can get out of it they will.

    Word of warning though, you’ll have to keep at them to pick up etc, because if you think it’ll get to a point where it’s messy enough they’ll do it on their own…well that point will never come. I’ve been there done that.


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