Gecko Vest

Yes I have started my Gecko Vest but progress on that is very slow.  I found the Gecko pattern here at Fat Cat Patterns and resized it somewhat to fit into the vest fronts and back.

I have now satin stitched appliqued around all three Geckos (this one is on the back) with black cotton.  Thevest itself is made out of a scrap of black fabric I found in my cupboard.  It isn’t cotton – more a heavier weight fabric that you might use for a tailored skirt or jacket.  Lovely to sew with providing to finish all the cut edges with a zig zag before you do any other sewing as it frays something shocking.

Being in the mood for a playing in the sewing room I fiddled around with making some paper/fabric using water soluable plastic bags.  These were an ebay buy early last year and I hadn’t had a chance to try them.  They are big bags -think big garbage bag size and are designed for putting dirty laundry into at hospitals and nursing homes so the laundry staff don’t have to touch the dirty linen.  The whole bag dissolves in 65 degree water (hot tap water) leaving all your clean washing and no trace of the bag.

They are strong enough to be pinned to the gammill and filled with torn up silk paper, fancy wools, off cuts of Edmar threads from when I made the last vest, silk ribbon off cuts  and whatever else I could find that looked good.


You just put all the fibres etc between the two layers of plastic, sew like mad over the top – I did lots and lots of loops – then take it out of the machine and pop it into your container of choice to dissolve the plastic.  I used the laundry sink as I wanted the paper to stay flat while the plastic was dissolving and I just used the hottest tap water I could get out of my taps.


Swish it around gently with your hands – the plastic feels pretty gross at this stage and it tends to cling to you – but it does all wash off with no residue left at all.   I laid the paper onto a towel, rolled it up and squeezed it gently to get rid of any excess water without distorting my piece of fabric/paper.


Hang it on the line and in five minutes on a hot day it’s dry.

I have to admit if you are into texture and feeling stuff – this is the way to go.  It feels wonderful and looks divine and despite looking like a fairly solid piece of fabric it is quite light and airy looking in real life. I haven’t done anymore with it yet – but I have visions of cutting leaves out of this and appliquing them onto the Gecko Vest for some contrast and colour.  Time will tell if it works.  Ohh and I used three different colours of silk paper in this piece which measures 22 inches by 10 inches.




3 thoughts on “Gecko Vest

  1. the gecko looks fabulous. Is the stitching already on the material?
    I like the idea of the laundry bag. Have you thought of opening the bag lengthwise and doing your thing to make a long scarf? One with gaps for a lacy effect would be great, thanks.

    The BADs look stunning.
    Fancy doing a make-over of my kitchen?

  2. What a wonderful use for the Gammill Catherine!
    Makes me wish I owned one.
    The lacy fabric has come up a treat……..look forward to seeing what evolves from the piece.

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