A Sewing Update

I have been sewing but in such dribs and drabs of late it really does feel like I’m not getting anywhere.  There was more achieved this past week than I first thought when I downloaded the camera this morning though, which was a nice curprise
I have posted my Block A Day photos to my flickr site.  There are so many (cause I’m not organised enough to post one a day) that I won’t bore you with them – but for those who would like to look they are now all in a set marked, funnily enough, Block of The Day.  Click on the set in the flickr side bar and you will see all the photos with their dates.

I have decided to post my favorite block photos here however and what I might plan to do with them.  Yes I know I don’t need any more projects but I just can’t resist.


I love February 10th’s block “Home Circle”.  So easy and quick to do and it makes a really nice sized 15inch block which would make a quilt come together very quickly.  Elise wants/needs another blanket for her bed so I thought I would make this block in blues.  Dark blue where the red blocks are and light blues/whites where green paisley is.  I have heaps of shirts I have been collecting and I think it will be a good fantastic way to use them up.  I have her approval….roflmol….like she had any choice…..  now just to get organised.  There was a moment of worry would it look ok when it was done – do the blocks work together?  The block isn’t in my EQ6 program so I did a google search and found this photo of a quilt that was made using the Home Circle blocks in all different colours.  I printed out the photo in grey tones to get more of an idea of the pattern – and it works!!!

I have – not more than 30 minutes ago – finished putting together Clue 6 of the Stitch and Frames Mystery Quilt.  I had the best of intentions of getting this done last week – but it didn’t happen.  So now it’s Thursday and Clue 7 is posted and I’m only just organised.

I haven’t even started February’s block in the Baltimore Quilt I want to make.  There have been some tough decisions been made regarding this quilt.  I hand appliqued the first block with button hole stitch but my wrists are so sore with this horrible carpel tunnel that to do the rest of the blocks by hand is looking like an impossibility so now I think I will have to machine applique them.  I have to make a decision also what to do with January’s block.  Do I pull out the hand stitching and machine it or do I leave it and use that block as the centre one?  I’m not sure and I don’t think I will really know until I have all the blocks put together.


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