An Embarrassment of Riches

My darling husband – who I truly love and adore – banned me from the sewing room today.

I spent all  day yesterday not only lounging around in my pajamas (well Elise does so why can’t I…vbg) but I also fiddled around and machine appliqued two of the three geckos onto the new vest I’m making – one I had complete the day before.

I then thought I should play around with tearing some silk paper apart, adding threads and fancy wools, sandwiching it between two layers of water soluble plastic and machining sewing it with the gammill to create some “paper” to transform into leaves for my vest.  Yes there are photos taken and I will post them soon….promise.

As a result of all this industry my hands and feet were killing me not to mention my neck and sholders.  Talk about over doing it – but you know what it’s like when the mood strikes you just have to go with the flow.

Today – being banned from the sewing room and having strict instructions to “find other things to do” I hung out washing, pruned the odd rose bush or two, watered with a bucket three or four plants, shoveled a tiny amount of dirt into the great big hole by the back wall of the house that the plumber  – after fixing a plumbing problem or two – has left for me and cleaned my kitchen.

It was quite embarrassing in the end to realise just how much “stuff” I have.  Pots and pans that I no longer use because basically they aren’t usable any more.   Chipped mugs and plates, plastic sauce bottles – I found three of them and I hate them, plastic containers that no longer have lids and for that matter aren’t even useful in themselves any more and I don’t know how many medicine cups….honestly I could dose half of Swan Hill and still not run out of those.  My old mixer which was my aunts that I bought when we were first married at a clearing sale they had…..big breath…… and the list goes on.  What could be salvaged and might be useful to others I have put in a box to go to the second hand shop, other things were tossed into a huge box to be thrown out and still others were resorted and rearranged so now – hopefully – I can find things.

The kitchen benches are a lot clearer than they were.  Homes in cupboards have been found for the crock pot, mixer and the grill and other sundry items.  I did splash out and buy a new toaster to replace the old one which has got to the stage you have to hold your mouth the right way while crossing your eyes and wiggling your ears to make it work.

The end result of all this industry is that my hands aren’t quite as sore – but if anyone has a new set of feet I will gladly give an arm and a leg for them.  My kitchen does look nice and shiny  though and I have come to the conclusion that I  don’t need to buy anything new or even second hand for it for at least 12 months or more….unless the kids have a dropping spree and break all the crockery.

On that note I’m off to bed with a cuppa and a good book.

PS  Tried to find a photo of my clean kitchen that I took once before a couple of years ago. Obviously it was so embarrassing  that I have either deleted it or it has gone to the black hole where embarrassing photos go.


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