I’m here….but I’m not.

Good grief where has the week gone.  It’s absolutely flat out around here – like that’s any surprise.

Ashley is soooo busy at work it isn’t funny – which is probably a good thing with a tax bill hanging over our heads.  We have finally been told (by the old businesses accountants) that they tax will be done by 4.30 pm Friday (yesterday) – now we and our accountants have only been waiting over 12 months for  the accountants his parents used to get everything finalised. Obviously because we choose not to deal with their firm we have been put on the back burner.  But not any longer!!!  Two phone calls from me where my displeasure at the long wait was verbalised – and yes I was polite …vbg finally yielded results when all the phone calls and letters from our accountants didn’t. So as of Monday we no longer need to deal with such an inefficient and hopeless firm.  Yay!!!  Now just to pay the Tax Bill.

Yesterday we had the plumber here fixing water pipes that lead to the sewerage system – they had cracked due to the terrible drought conditions and the hot water service needed moving too  so that was another day of running cool drinks to the plumber and persuading him to fix the taps in the kids shower that have been leaking for months despite Ashley’s best efforts to fix them.  I had been putting a bucket under the dripping shower head which gave me a bit more for the garden but it is much nicer now they are fixed.

Nicola and James have started swimming lessons again on Fridays which is also the day I run Elise and her friend Belinda to youth group.  Swimming is from 5.30 – 6.30 pm and youth groups starts at 7pm.  So Elise and Belinda had the delightful chore of making pizza for tea and had to have theirs eaten before I arrived home with the younger two so we could all be where we needed to be on time…….and guess what it worked.  Yipee – nothing like organisation………………and two teenage girls trying to outdo each other in the cooking department…..wicked grin.

I’m still sewing my Block of the Day blocks and they are coming along nicely.  I did cheat a bit the other day and cut out about a weeks worth of blocks knowing that I would be busy and could just whip them up as I had time.  It worked for me and I might try doing that more often.  I’m also in the process of assembling another vest – a Gecko (small lizard) Vest to wear for our End of Summer BBQ that Elise and I decided to throw – just cause we enjoyed my birthday BBQ so much.  It is to be held on March 1st.  Yes I know that’s the first day of Autumn here in Australia – but the end of Summer is a Friday and I just can’t be that organised.  Invites have gone out to close friends and work colleges of Ashley’s so if everyone (or even most people) come it should be a lot of fun.

I am trying desperately to limit my time on the computer so I can actually achieve things around here – the emails have been quiet which has helped – but then didn’t help my cause when  I  added at least six new blogs which look interesting to my bloglines to the list there goes up.  When will I learn I wonder.

Right off to cut out geckos with my newly sharpened scissors that Ashley has fixed for me.  Isn’t he wonderful and so talented…grovel, grovel. Photos soon – well as soon as I feel I have made any progress….vbg.

Have a lovely weekend.


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