Mystery Quilt – Clue 5

After all that effort putting in the fence I spent the afternoon pottering in the sewing room sewing Clue 5 in the Stitch and Frame Shops Mystery Quilt.

I must be the most unimaginative person around cause truly I haven’t tried to work out how all these blocks go together.   Considering how many different ways a quilt block can be laid out – I simply can’t be bothered scratching my head and pummeling the brain to try and work it out.  All will be revealed no doubt in time.

You can find Clue 5 here.

Elise came home from watching her friend Belinda compete in the Fire Brigade Trials to work on the bag she needed for Creative Crafts – where wait for it – the students actually sew and no she didn’t make this bag – it just needed to be decorated.

Well at least the students  would sew if there were more than five sewing machines for a class of 22 students. I kid you not.  Somehow Elise’s teacher knows me – but I don’t know from where – and she also knows I sew and as a consequence has told Elise she can do all her sewing at home.  Both Elise and I love that idea for several reasons…..

  1. I know she will have to use a sewing machine and use it efficiently.
  2. I know that anything she does make that isn’t up to “standard” she will be made to unpick and resew.  Harsh I know – but I also know Elise has the skills and capabilities to do a very high level of work.
  3. Elise would much rather use all the resourses available in my sewing room than the rather limited resourses in a High School sewing class.
  4. Elise is enjoying this class – immensely.
On that note I’m off to have breakfast and start my day. I hope your Sunday is a good one.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt – Clue 5

  1. At least they are kind of sewing at school…though I was the absolute pits at School sewing-the home ec teacher would be a little surprised I am into it in such a way now, Tracey

  2. Sounds good don’t for get to post us a picture when she’s done…tell her that we’re going to all have a look at it and she’ll be sure to do an extra neat job with it vbg.


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