Just A Spot Of Fencing

It was lovely and cool Saturday and our plan to replace the old fence swung into action reasonably early considering it was the weekend.

It took Ashley all of five minutes to cut the wires on the mesh fence and rip the whole lot out. Unfortuately I was too late to get a photo of that – but trust me give the man a set of wire cutters, the Kanga and instructions to “get rid of the lot” and he does…vbg.

Even James got in on the act – actually he was bribed. If he helped he could play the Xbox that afternoon. I told him I needed Manly Garden Help – but he was very unimpressed by that. Apparently that’s why I married Dad – so he (Dad) could do those things.

Being allowed to drive the Kanga was a highlight though – even though Dad was in close supervision. James has watched the instruction video so many times he can just about recite it word for word…vbg. Although after his little “play” he declared he needed to watch it again to “brush up on a few things” his words not mine.

Guess how proud my boy was when he pulled out this stump. Yes it’s not huge and no it wasn’t stuck in the ground all that well – but there was still that sense of male achievement that comes with destroying removing something that Mum doesn’t want anymore.

Why is it no matter how hard you try there is always one sheet that has to be cut a funny size?

Still at least the job is now finished and it looks fantastic even if the sheets of colour bond are dirty. The dogs I might add are not impressed. Now they can’t sit by the wire gate, look at Ashley and bark while he works in the shed….no doubt much to the neighbours relief.

After five minutes of barking Ajax gave up. The new gate was making his barks sound quite muffled and he ended up stalking off in a huff to spend the rest of the afternoon sleeping on the bed. Talk about grumpy.


One thought on “Just A Spot Of Fencing

  1. Did Australia ever get that show called “Home Improvement” with Tim Allen as “Tool Time Tim”?
    His favorite expression when finding a more powerful tool to get the job done was “arrrh more power”. I think it describes the male psyche perfectly when it comes to working with equipment.

    The fence looks good, does it go around the whole yard/orchard?


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