Blocks, Pincushions and Mystery Quilts

I finished my Baltimore Block a couple of weeks ago but then realised today that I hadn’t posted a photo of the finished block….so here it is……

You can find the pattern for it here at Fat Cat Patterns – a site that is well worth a look. Ekk and February’s pattern is up and I’m not ready to start that until tomorrow or the next day. Now the delimma – do I print it out now and spend the night thinking about it and getting all excited about making it or do I close that window and not think about it until I’m ready? Ohhh decisions, decisions.

I have also sewn together and cut out the next clue in the Mystery Quilt I am working on from the Stitch and Frame Shop.

Nice sized half square triangles which are now just waiting to be pressed. Thirty six squares took just 30 mins to sew together and cut apart. Lovely!!!

Annie at Annies Crazy World had the best tutorial for making a thumb pincushion which I just had to try out. Honestly 10 mins and you’re done and it’s soooooooo handy. The only thing I have to watch is that I don’t stab the pin in too hard as I end up stabbing myself. Might I add – I have only done that twice before I learnt…wicked grin.


2 thoughts on “Blocks, Pincushions and Mystery Quilts

  1. Next time you make a thumb pincushion, cut a small length of packaging tape – the type you have to cut off boxes to get to the contents – about an inch or so as it will need to go from point to centre of the pincushion. Round the corners off on one end where it will go into the pointed end of your pincushion, wrap a piece of cotton batting around to enclose the flat end to stop it poking through the fabric. Fill the pincushion with poly filling with the wadding covered plastic base near to the bottom, so this will be the back of your pincushion. Fill with poly fibre over the top of that. Finish in the same way as the instructions and your pins and needles won’t stab you ever again!

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