Bulk Block of the Day

Sorry folks I’m just going to have to post the remaining photos from January all in one post just to get them out of the way. It’s annoying me that while I’m caught up on the blocks – I’m not in posting photos so I’m getting it all out of the way now and then I can settle down to some regular posting – I hope…vbg.

January 19 January 20

January 21 January 22

January 23 January 25

January 26 January 27

January 28 January 29

January 30

Out of curiosity and to see how the blocks look together – I laid them all out on the lounge room floor and this is the result……

Not too bad – I just hope they all go together when I’m finished the years worth of blocks. When I think about it – I have made enough blocks that, if sashing and borders were added, would make quite a sizeable quilt already.

Ohh and yes I know there is no photo of January 24’s block. It is a variation of Drunkards path and has lots of little curves which I really want to hand applique for a neater finish. I will get it ready and work on it while waiting in the car to pick up the kids after school. It will be a nice small project to fill in time.

Now off to play with January 31st’s block.


5 thoughts on “Bulk Block of the Day

  1. I agree with Vicki on the amount of quilts you’ll have by the end of the year.

    I also don’t think you’ll have any problem getting them to co-ordinate because you’re going to have so many blocks to chose from I can’t see how you can miss getting them to match.


  2. I love how your blocks are coming along. I have one of those calendars and have been considering doing the same thing. Would have to sandwich them inbetween other projects. I’m sure you are going to have many quilts from these blocks at the end of the year.

    Barb Mcf

  3. I’ve ‘lurked’ around your blog for sometime but am now ‘coming out’!! Your blocks are great and I agree with other comments that you will have enough for for quite a few quilts. Will be interesting to see them with sashing and borders. I’m mightily impressed with how yuo’ve kept up with the month.

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