This and That

Well Nicola and James have returned to school with high expectations – I just hope their new teachers live up to everything the kids expect them to be.  Both teachers are very young but on first impressions I liked them so I guess that is a good thing.  What is even better is James thinks his new teacher Miss N.  is “amazing” – his words not mine, so there is defiantely a tick in her box.  Nicola hadn’t met her new teacher Mr D. last year as he was teaching at another school – but James’s teacher from last year assured me he is lovely and will get on very well with Nicola.  She said they both have the same strange sense of humor!! I guess I will hear all about it tonight when they get home.

I had a Doctors appointment this morning – nothing serious but by the time I had seen the Doctor and then had some cryo on my arm at a skin cancer he had biopsied before Christmas – nearly two hours was spent just sitting in the waiting room.  I wish I had bought a book or some sewing to fill in the time.  At least Elise was home – she returns to school tomorrow – and cleaned up the house, hung out washing and baked so there was nothing for me to do when I finally did get home….doing the happy dance.

Step 4 of the second mystery quilt is out – you will find it here.   I have taken the last two days off sewing my “Block a Day” as I have caught up to today’s block – yipee.  Actually I think I needed a break from quilting blocks – but not from sewing itself…..much to the cat’s disgust as he had just settled himself nicely in my sewing chair ready for a long nap.  I have been working on a bag a friend asked me to make for her SIL’s birthday.  I’m even getting paid for this one  – shock, horror.  I always worry that my work isn’t good enough for others – yet this friend raves over my sewing and she isn’t one to say something nice if it isn’t.   I guess others must suffer the colly wobbles at the thought of selling their work – giving it alway is always so much easier…vbg.

Ohh and I will post more photos of the “Block a Day” soon.  It’s funny how the names of blocks are different  – Karin really liked the Jan 12 block  which she called “Buckeye Beauty”.  I’m not sure whether that name is the whole block or just the corner section – help please Karin.  In my calendar the whole block is called “Gamecock”….kind of a funny name for such a pretty block I think.  I guess quilting block names are like the common names of plants – they vary depending on where you live.

Just cause I can’t leave you without  a small project to look at – no not mine – but a link to a quick and easy pincushion – check out these pincushions.  Aren’t they just the cutest???  Now to convince Elise that she really needs to make one…wicked grin…and that her mother would love it for Mother’s Day….lol.

 So now I’m off to curl up with a good book and pamper myself until it’s time to pick up the youngest two from school.  The weather is hot and sticky and I’m afraid I’m just too tired to feel energetic this afternoon.  A nanna nap would be nice – but I don’t think I would sleep tonight if I had one…….arrrrrr decisions, decisions.  A cup of tea is called for.


2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Hi,

    Buckeye Beauty is the corner unit: the two four patches and the two triangle squares. I know this one has other names, too, I think Jewel Box among them, but I like Buckeye Beauty.


  2. I make a point now of taking some knitting or some type of handiwork with me to my appointments otherwise I just sit and stew in the chair until it’s my turn. It’s amazing how much you can get done while you’re waiting for your turn it’s like found time.

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