Mystery Quilt Finished

At last the mystery quilt I have been working on courtesy of Bonnie is complete.

I decided in the end not to put borders on it – mainly cause I want it to fit onto the woolen blanket pictured in the photo – but also because I’m not sure it really needs borders. Milly has given it the “lie down” of approval all ready…lol.
Instead I am going to use wide binding – at least an inch or more in width – to finish it off. I was really pleased with how it turned out – considering I was winging it regarding colours, patterns etc the whole thing seems to come together quite nicely – well at least I think so. It did need the green though if nothing else to tone down that hot pink.

A huge thank you to Bonnie for making this such a fun and easy project. All the clues I might add are now on Bonnie’s site should you wish to play too. I would never have tackled something like this if I had read the directions in a book. Thanks to Bonnie’s step by step cutting, piecing and ironing techniques – all determined by the clues we received – I now have a beautiful quilt – which I might add uses different patterns (rail fence, hourglass, nine patch) something which I have not tried before and especially on this scale. I’m generally a one block woman – well no more….vbg.


5 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt Finished

  1. Very nice I like it.

    I thought of you the other day when cleaning out the linen closet. I have these cotten flannel sheets that haven’t been used in years and I was wondering what to do with them and then the thought came to me, if I was Catherine I’d be putting them into a quilt for filling. LOL, and here you are using another wool blanket. Have you tried flannel, does it work?


  2. Love those colors…what a beautiful quilt this is going to be! Isn’t it funny how pets have to lay smack in the middle of our projects? My cat also tries to help me choose thread…..a real big help!

  3. How beautifully the mystery quilt has turned out. I love the hot pinks.

    The block a day lot are great too, they are also a mystery until the year’s end and you get to put them together. What fun for you.

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