40 Years of Life

It was my 40th birthday yesterday. Hard to believe I have been on this earth for this long, what was even harder to believe was that Ashley and I had been together for 20 of those 40 years.

I had the absolute best day ever.

The most beautiful presents.  Sandie had given me a cup, saucer and plate set with this design (the pink roses) for my birthday last year and I love it – so the children decided to give me a coffee tea mug and three tier cake platter in the same design.  They are stunning.

Mum gave me a new stainless steel tea pot an tea cosy.  The standing joke around here is that whenever I had a nice ceramic tea pot I had to keep it away from Mum as guaranteed she would either drop the whole thing, the lid, break off the handle or do something equally destructive…..all pure accidents of course.  So I told her I wanted a metal tea pot that she couldn’t destroy and that was also a decent size.  Well I got one….vbg.

My sister Yvonne made me  quilted wall hanging with photos (in chronological order I might add) of my life from when I was a baby up until present day.  There are photos of my old dog – Simon, when I was pregnant with Elise (that hair cut and dress should have been banned…ewwwww), Wedding photos, baby photos of Elise, Nicola and James.  Photos of the dogs, the house and even one of my roses…..not to mention some photos of the projects I had sewn. Plus she gave me some stunning fabric and some silk which she had painted irises onto in colours I love.

I received chocolates by the box full – yum.  Wine, including a 12 year old bottle of Tawny Port and another bottle of imported Italian Wine both of which came from the private stash of a very dear friend. White Diamonds perfume, quilting supplies including a “Block a Day Calendar” which I had dropped huge hints to my family the past two Christmasses that I would love – but they ignored my pleas.  These friends must have read my mind as not only did they give me the calendar but also some fabric and quilting magazines and chocolate to nibble on while I sew.  Honestly the list goes on and I was so spoilt.  Ohh and Ashley gave me a new wedding ring (it was part Christmas and part birthday present) diamonds and emeralds alternating in three rows on a lovely wide gold band.

In the end the best present – apart from being surrounded by family and friends who all meant so much to me – was the two days of solid rain we had on Friday and Saturday.  The garden now looks refreshed and shiny and stunning.

I requested a chocolate Mud Cake for my birthday cake and the children went to the local bakers who did a magnificant job making and decorating it.   They wouldn’t let me see what they had chosen in the way of decorations or writing on the cake until just before they lit the candles.  James and Nicola helped me blow out the candles which as James explained was a good thing cause now I’m old I wouldn’t have enough puff in me…..wicked boy.

I hope your Saturday was as good as mine……and thank you to those who sent birthday wishes.  They were very much appreciated.


6 thoughts on “40 Years of Life

  1. Happy Birthday, Catherine!
    What a wonderful one it looks like you had. You were certainly showered with gifts.

    What a great memory quilt from your sister. I am sure you will cherish that forever.

    Everyone should have such a wonderful 40th birthday. I think the 40’s are the best years of a woman’s life. I wish I could start mine all over again.

  2. Happy Birthday Catherine, you look beautiful. It’s all uphill from now on.

    I’m so glad you had such a lovely day with your family and friends and its so nice to see all the great prezzies. I think the quilt your sister made you is priceless.

    May you be richly blessed and the next 40 years be as good and even better to you than the first 40.


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