How Many Quilts?

Bunks, aka Karen, asked me just how many quilts I have in my home.  I was about to reply heaps – but then I stopped and wondered so excuse me for a moment while I go count…………………

still counting………………running out of fingers and toes…………………

still counting……………..must be nearly there………………………………

Back again.

I have…………………

wait for it………………………..21 full sized quilts – that is they fit on a bed or over your lap.  Those I might add are the ones I have quilted bound and are being used.  There must be at least another 10 waiting to be quilted and finished.

There are  at least 20 table runners, wall hangings and place mats.  Not all are out at the same time – quite a few are Christmas themed so they only get an airing once a year.  I’m sorry but I’m not even going to count the number of cushions I have that are patchworked and quilted.

Maybe I am a tad obsessed with quilting……do you think??????

Ohh and I might add those are the quilts etc that we use everyday – I don’t make heirloom quilts – I make quilts that are to provide comfort and warmth and practicality but that are also beautiful – well they are to my family.  There is nothing better than walking into the lounge room on a chilly night (even with the wood heater going) and seeing my children wrapped up in my quilts all snuggly and warm. I also use my older quilts on the floors as rugs.  I don’t have a problem with that – when they are a bit worn but still useful they provide a practical and warm covering for the tiles.

I wouldn’t have a clue how many more quilts I have made and given away as gifts or for that matter how many other quilted articles I have made like bags, glasses cases etc but I can say there is only one vest.  The numbers, no doubt, would be mind blowing.

So now you know one more weird thing about me I’m off to clean my house, start preparing what I can for the party and take my children to the library.  Maureen and Graeme arrive tomorrow (can’t wait to see them) and I want everything done so I can spend time with them.

Have a lovely day.


4 thoughts on “How Many Quilts?

  1. I’m in awe, in a good way. You’re very inspiring Catherine it helps to motivate me. I wouldn’t call it weird, just a passion. If I could equate the number of hours I’ve spend reading sci-fi and fantasy to the number of hours you’ve quilted I have no doubt that I’d have you beat. The difference between us is at least you have something to show for it. What’s the expression, good on ya?


  2. I asked the question in the forum yesterday – how many quilts have you made. The answers varied from no bed-sized quilts to one lady who last year made 102 quilts most of them for communal care for seniors and children. Now that is truly awesome.


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