Another Mystery Quilt

I have enjoyed Bonnie”s mystery quilt sooo much that I was having slight withdrawals at the thought that it would end shortly.  Now despite the fact there are a million – well ok so I exaggerate just a tad – other projects on my to do list I started searching the world wide web for another project.  Call me crazy – with a party to plan and a house to clean plus visitors arriving this weekend I really don’t need anything else to do but I couldn’t resist.

Now I will confess to being the sort of person who just has to find a mystery and if the final clue is there – look at it!!!  This one I can’t.  Each clue is being posted once a week and I will just have to wait.

You can find the latest  mystery quilt I am attempting  here.

Choosing colours was a difficult one, but the first clue did say that the more fabrics used the better – so who am I to argue.  Lets face it I do have lots of fabric…vbg and that’s despite saying I wasn’t purchasing any more fabric this year.  In the end – and I know this sounds kind of weird – I choose all my ugly fabrics.  All those bits and peices that I just couldn’t live with any more – colours and patterns that I wasn’t particulary fond of, small pieces that I could only get one block out of, fabrics that I just couldn’t stand having in my cupboard  any longer.  I’m working on the theory that chances are each piece cut originally at 4 7/8 inch or 5 inches blocks – will be resewn and cut into triangles or something which will make each ugly piece of fabric smaller and hopefully less ugly.  Is any of that making sense???  So fabric has been cut and stored in zip lock baggies along with  white blocks as the base/background colour – all according to clue one.

Clue two has just been posted and I was right – the five inch blocks are to be sewn and cut into smaller blocks…….yipee.  I am cutting enough fabrics  to make the baby or lap quilt size – 48″ x 48″.  I can always make more blocks if I like the end result and make it bigger. If on the off chance I don’t like it – then I will use it as a quilt back.  Either way I get experience in mystery quilts.  I have the challenge of trying something new that I can’t control – so far out of my comfort zone that it isn’t funny, and I get to use up those fabrics that I just don’t like any more.

Ohh and on the “No Buying” challenge that I set myself.  I blew it today.  Two packs of flannel fat quarters – 9 FQ in a pack – for $5.00 – that’s just $0.60 cents a fat quarter or there abouts.  Now I know they aren’t top quilt shop quality – but I don’t mind – they feel ok to me.  I really want to try another flannel quilt – Nicola has one and it’s so warm and cuddly on a cold day – that I really want one for myself.  Now just to find a pattern that I like – and to resist sneaking back to the shop and buying more…..wicked grin.


2 thoughts on “Another Mystery Quilt

  1. That’s a good price on the flannel.

    Just curious, how many quilts do you have in your house? I’m ashamed to say that despite knowing how to quilt for some 27 years I haven’t produced that many full-sized quilts, just little things.

    Something I should ask on my fabric dyeing forum, lol, mind you do I really want to know I’ve been lazy all these years?


  2. That mystery does sound like fun, however once I looked at the second clue, I was not going to cut 5″ squares to recut them, no way José! I will cut 2,5″ squares and make 4 patches from them. I am not drawing lines on fabric! Still, I have a bunch of paisleys lying around that would be great with off white…

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