What I have acheived….

Just an update on what has been happening around here.

The Buy of the YearWell

ok so you can still count how old the year is on two hands and one foot, still I reckon I would be hard pressed to top this one.  I found this dress one day at the op shop – went home and thought about it over night, then went back and bought it the next day.  It’s pure Thai Silk, brand new, size 8.  Yes I know that won’t fit me – darn it all – but hopefully one day it will fit Nicola just as she needs a stunning gown to go somewhere special.  If it doesn’t that’s fine – I can always use the fabric…wicked grin.  The price tag said it was $179.95…………I paid………wait for it…….$8.00!!!!

The Cup of The Year

Another bargain while Op Shopping…… the children found this mug and insisted I buy it….I wonder why?…vbg.  Now I have to use it everyday (especially for breakfast when I’m not sure I do want to admit how old I am getting….lol) but I must admit it holds the best cup of tea ever.

Clues 5 and Six

I spent all day yesterday cutting out Clue 5 and sewing the 100 hour glass blocks and then sewed up Clue 6 – which was the first block in the mystery quilt to be completed.


Finished Vest

I finished my vest the other night.  It was very peaceful sewing down the binding while watching/listening to the latest Harry Potter movie….vbg.

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday Ashley and I celebrated out 16th Wedding Anniversary. Nothing flash – just KFC for tea and a sit out on the new swing seat that Ashley bought me.  I have wanted one for years and now I have one.  It is super comfortable……..

……..can you tell how both Ashley and I and the dogs are enjoying it…vbg.  After such a stinking hot day – it was nice to sit outside in the slightly cooler breeze and just chat and relax.  Ohh and Ashley is taking photos of Elise with his phone – while Elise was taking photos of us with  the camera.  Is it just me or does anyone else find that slightly confusing….vbg.

Now I’m off to have a relaxing day playing around with the first block on the Baltimore Quilt I am making.

I hope your weekend is a good one.


9 thoughts on “What I have acheived….

  1. Great deal on the dress. You are a bargain hunter just like me. I probably would have done the same thing. The pink in your blocks really pop!! They look great. Wonderful vest. Looks like a lot of work.

  2. I love the vest and the green lining in it and the dress looks great what a find. Love the picture of you guys sitting in the swing and taking pictures of Elise at the same time.

    I have to admit I like your blocks better than the mystery hostess’s, more colourful.

  3. Beautiful vest!

    What a great buy on the dress. I just a bargain like that!

    Happy anniversary. It looks like you celebrated just the way I would have.

    Looking forward to seeing your completed mystery quilt.

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