Birthday Vest

I finally finished the quilting on my vest at around 11 pm last night.  I had so much fun doing this.  Normally I don’t like to hand quilt – probably because I have taken on huge jobs – like a single bed quilt and large wall hanging – and they become a chore rather than a pleasure.  This vest was definately in the pleasure category.

The back – quilted and buttons attached.

Close up of bottom of the vest.  The stars were needed to break up the huge line of black and grey that I thought would work – but didn’t really… least it didn’t with my rear end.

The Prairie points needed some buttons to jazz them up a bit.

Front of Vest

I had to add some butterfly buttons that were given to me by a friend.  Thanks Norma…they were just what was needed.

Even these Prairie Points needed decorating.

The other front side.

Beautiful Leaf Buttons also from Norma.  How could I not use them – loving my garden as I do.

The lining is cut out – now I just have to get some more black to make the binding and I can sew it all together.


6 thoughts on “Birthday Vest

  1. Hey Catherine, Your vest is going to be very stunning when you have it finished. Love the colours in it. I must say they really speak out as well, don’t they? Hope you have a great Birthday
    cheers – Faye

  2. oh Catherine
    it such a beautiful vest = yu really do such beautiful embroidery and this is so different dear one Congratulations on finishing it and doing such beautiful enjoyment(cant call it work now can I??)
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox

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